What I wore

Red Wool Trench

October 26, 2016

red wool trench coat

If the last few posts were about remixing older items this post is all about finding new items in current collections. I wore this to work yesterday and had so many compliments on this red wool trench.

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What I wore

Cape Weather

October 24, 2016

cape weather

Only one more week to Halloween which means coats are pretty much a must most days. On those days were it is still cool but not cold I tend to look towards my capes. They still are toasty but showcase more layers. This outfit is a riff on my all time favourite blog outfit seen here

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What I wore

Plaid Pairings

October 23, 2016

jcrew factory vail parka

Yesterday we had our first single digit day. It was genuinely cold and as time to pull out the warmer coats. And all the plaid. 

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what I want

The Red Coat Debate

October 19, 2016

I bought a red coat today. It wasn’t what I was I was originally shopping for this season. I started out this fall looking for a camel robe coat. Nothing I saw was exactly what I wanted. Some were too short, the lapels were too small or the colour was just off.

Last year I was a bit obsessed with the Red Chateau parka from JCREW. I already bought the camel version from Factory and it seemed a bit crazy to buy the same-ish coat in red. But here we are with the temperatures dropping again and I am loving that red coat!

jcrew red coat

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What I wore

Grey weekend

October 17, 2016

grey paid asos scarf

This past weekend was dreary and grey. Lots of rain made it easy to stay inside and rest while trying to get over a cold. I feel like we have made it a bit further in the school season this year before getting sick which is so welcome.

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What I wore

Cobalt Blue Wrapped

October 14, 2016

jcrew factory turtleneck sweater

Just a quick post sharing my work outfit from yesterday. Fairly basic for me really once the temperatures drop. A turtleneck sweater in a bright hue basically makes an otherwise standard work outfit a bit more fun. I picked up this cobalt blue merino wool turtleneck sweater from JCREW Factory. It is very similar to this red one I posted about last year.

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What I wore

Marc Fisher Yale Boot Review

October 10, 2016

marc fisher yale boot review, aritzia scarf

This past weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind. I wore this outfit on Saturday to go see Potted Potter. If you have a chance to see it at a city near you GO! It was hilarious, I laughed from start to finish.

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What I wore

Fall Plaid Blanket Cape

October 9, 2016

fall plaid blanket cape

Fall hasn’t yet made up its mind whether it is going to be cold or warm. After a warm week the temperatures have plunged to the low teens and it means I can wear sweaters and capes again. And boots. I love wearing boots!

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what I want

What to wear to an Accounting Interview

October 5, 2016

I have had some sort of job in accounting since the fall of 2003. One thing I always notice when magazines or popular bloggers do posts about what to wear on an interview is that they must have never held a job in a traditional office. These posts always seem geared towards more creative jobs. Professional jobs (like lawyers or accountants) tend to be more conservative and buttoned down. This means that when you are interviewing for a job in finance or accounting you should know your audience. Remember you are asking someone to take you seriously as  a person who is analytical and good with numbers. Your interview outfit should convey the same level of professionalism as the office you are entering. This is what to wear to an Accounting Interview. what to wear to an accounting interview

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The Makeup Eraser Review

October 3, 2016

the make up eraser review

While I like to play with makeup taking it off at the end of the day can be such a chore. Especially around the eyes. I love layering on the mascara when I do my makeup and that can leave raccoon eyes if not taken off completely. Make up remover makes taking makeup off much easier, but it means you always need to have it on hand. What happens when you run out? For me it means I suffer through just using soap which can mean stinging eyes. 

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