What I wore

Double Polka Dot

May 23, 2017

double polka dots

I have been a bit obsessed with following British bloggers lately. There is just something about their sense of style that aligns with my own. I saw a mirror snap of the blogger from The Edited. I first thought I love this look! And second thought man I have all the stuff in my closet to create a similar outfit.

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Things to do in Quebec City

May 22, 2017

We just came back from our road trip to Quebec city. Even though we live just one province away I had never been to this gorgeous historical city. It was about time to wander the streets of a Canadian city that drips in European Charm. These are the Things to do in Quebec City.
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what I want

The Best Canada Day T-Shirts

May 17, 2017

This year Canada is celebrating a major milestone birthday. She is turning 150. Fairly young in terms of a country but still it is a big birthday! While I might not be one to wear a Canada Day T-Shirt myself, more prone to wear a mixture of red and white I always make sure my kids have a full stack on hand for the many events at school. Plus July 1st is a must to wear your Canadian pride loud and proud. So many Canada Day T-shirts are novelty crap. This is where to find the Best Canada Day T-Shirts.

the best canada day t-shirts

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What I wore

Shopping Marks & Spencer from Canada

May 15, 2017

marks and spencer canada

Back when I was a kid there were actual Marks & Spencer stores in Canada. I remember going to the mall with my mom and it was one of the stores we had to visit. When I was in University it pulled out of Canada all together, just a few years before Eatons was shuttered. Actually those years actually remind me quite a bit of what is going on right now in retail with stores closing left and right.

I don’t even know how I came to be browsing the M&S website but I realized quickly that there was quite a bit of cute stuff to shop and that they have made it super easy for Canadians to shop.  Continue Reading…

What I wore

White Midi Skirt

May 14, 2017

jcrew clip dot skirt

It has FINALLY started to warm up so we don’t have to freeze in a skirt. This skirt is the factory version of a JCREW skirt from last year. I love that JCREW redoes it’s popular styles as factory styles. It gives a second chance to us slow pokes who don’t seem to move fast enough to get popular styles. Plus the price point is even better and the skirt is all cotton. 

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What I wore

Neutral Spring

May 12, 2017

camel wool vest

We have been having a chilly start to May. So cold in the mornings in fact that I have been dressing more similarly to winter than what I would wear for Spring. This outfit is from a work day this week.

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what I want

Gucci Loafer look a likes

May 10, 2017

One shoe I see popping up in my feed more than any others is the Gucci Horsebit loafer. It is sleek and modern looking and super luxurious.

But there is a hefty price tag associated with those insta worthy shoes. There are some fantastic affordable Gucci Loafer Look a Likes below.

gucci loafer look a likes

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what I want

3 Must have Sandal styles

May 7, 2017

Sandal season is coming. I promise you it really is coming. There are 3 styles that are my go to and seem to be everywhere this year. These are the must have sandal styles. must have sandals

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what I want

Spring Rain Outfit

May 5, 2017

It has been raining for days. As they predict flooding in different parts of Eastern Canada most of us are just trying to stay dry. I feel lucky that in picked up some really good rain wear in the past year which makes surviving rainy days that much easier. These are the essentials for perfecting the spring rain outfit.

spring rain outfit

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How to make a collage without photoshop

May 3, 2017

I do a number of different types of blog posts. The three main ones are outfit posts, reviews and collages. Outfit posts get more comments and love on Facebook but collages get more pinterest shares and generate more traffic over time. Collages are a great way to illustrate a post when you don’t have an original graphic of your own to use too. I use collages to talk about everything from emerging fashion trends to gift guides and packing lists.

Most tutorials on how to make a collage include using some fancy photo software like Photoshop. Here is a blog secret I don’t own any fancy photo editing software. I use power point and picmonkey to create all my collages. This is how to make a collage without photoshop. how to make a collage without photoshop Continue Reading…