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10 Must Have Doormats

January 15, 2017
10 must have doormats, welcome mat, outdoor mat

January is all about starting fresh and renewal. It is also a time when we put all the Christmas decorations we have had up for the last month away. If you are anything like me this process makes my house feel a bit empty; like all of a sudden something is missing. This is when I start to really noticing where my home decor is lacking. A new…

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Family Room Update Ideas

January 25, 2016

I am not sure if it is the January blues, whether it is just so cold or I am just so swamped at work, but lately my style isn’t really what I have been focusing on. I have been wearing my parka non stop just to stay warm and cozy. My husband has been working on a major house project and it has been shifting my focus to…

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Warm Welcome; Cool Welcome Mats

August 26, 2015

Fall is coming and with it is back to school. But I haven’t been back to school in ages, still it does have renewed meaning with now 2 school aged kids come September. Still as an adult I see the Fall as a time to renew. Instead of back to school clothes and school supplies I am looking to refresh my home and my office. These cool welcome…

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Chic Kitchen Lighting

May 15, 2015

More than anything a great kitchen makes a home. In fact they say that along with bathrooms, kitchens are the best place to sink your renovation dollars to flip your house and make a profit. But the perfect cabinets and counter-tops are nothing without chic kitchen lighting. Go beyond builder choices which are functional and cheap but are usually not that great looking. Great kitchen lighting doesn’t have…

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Chic Office Decor

May 13, 2015

Currently my office is only moderately chic. It needs an overhaul. Adding some chic office decor to the mix might be just what it needs to tip the scales towards a more feminine looking office. picture credit 1/2/3/4/5 Gold accents, lots of white, print. These are all common threads in the chic office inspiration above. Even the offices with darker details (like those bold black walls)  feel extremely feminine…

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Ideas for Styling your Shelves

May 8, 2014

I could have just as easily called this post getting your house ready to sell, or how to stage your home yourself, but I thought I would keep it easy and focus on the area I in fact 100% (or 99.9%) staged myself. You see April was a busy month for us and it was reflected in the small amount of outfit posts I did for the blog.…