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December 21, 2017

Continuing with rounding up the year I thought I would recap the most popular posts from 2017. These are the most popular posts published in 2017. Some of my all time most trafficked posts are actually much older like my Orfus Road post , this DIY or my Everlane Loafer Review or my packing guide for Cuba. Those post have been popular year after year bringing people here but I thought it would be interesting to see what was tops for 2017 in 2017.

stripe HM dress

Most popular personal style post of 2017 goes to a simple H&M striped t-shirt dress. I wasn’t expecting this outfit to resonate with so many of my followers but it did! Seems that simple and affordable is where it is at.

things to do in Quebec City

My most popular travel post posted in 2017 was all about Things to Do in Quebec City. This trip was one of my favourites this year and I really hope that we travel more in Canada in 2018. Other travel posts from 2017 include my Prague, Vienna, Budapest tour review and my Niagara Falls Day Trip.

everlane the heel boot review

The most popular review post for 2017 was my Everlane Heel Boot review. Everlane reviews drive quite a bit of traffic here and I will be doing more in 2018 (I just received this and this). I find that Everlane is one of those places that I can trust for quality items and I return much fewer of their items compared with say fast fashion stores. I also wear them to death. I just looked at my Everlane loafers the other day and finally admitted to myself they might need to be replaced because I have worn them so much!

personal item packing

The top packing post from 2017 was all about packing your personal item. Not to be confused with packing your carry on, your personal item is like your purse that you are allowed in addition to your carry on.

Do you have a favourite post form 2017? What topic brought you to chic everywhere? Fashion? Travel? I would love for you to share in the comments what you are looking for in terms of posts for 2018! Your ideas can be great inspiration to what gets published next year.