Orfus Road

I will be honest Orfus Road isn’t much to look at. It appears very industrial and I have spent more time here for my husbands hockey than for shopping.

But if you are looking for outlet shopping in Toronto this is you best bet before heading further afield in the GTA.

Prior to researching this page I had popped into the Nine West Outlet a couple times but that was about it.

But as the old adage goes you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. My eye immediately looked to all the urban wear and said well not for me.

There is so much more here though!

From Roots sweats to shopping for a wedding dress, check out this outlet shopper haven.


orfus road

Orfus Road Hours:

Because Orfus Road isn’t an outlet mall but a collection of outlet stores, each outlet has its own hours. That said most outlets are open between 10 am and 9 pm through the week (especially Thursdays and Fridays) and are open 10 am to 6 pm on the weekends.

Even though Orfus Road is not a designated tourist area, many of the outlets are open on holidays.

Best time to Shop Orfus Road

Orfus Road can get really busy with hoards of bargain hunters. Expect to be shopping with the crowds if you shop on the weekends, or late afternoons through the week especially once the high school kids from down the street are out of class.

If you are looking to score some super crazy discounts you can brave Boxing Day shopping but this is not for the feint of heart.

If you are looking to avoid crowds always aim for an early start (ie before 11 am) which will not only mean less people on the sidewalks and in the stores but more parking options.

Types of Stores at Orfus Road

There is a wide range of shops on Orfus ranging from Cheese to hair supplies to suits, shoes and wedding dresses.

Of course the most popular type of store is womens clothing from familiar inexpensive mall brands like Costa Blanca, Sirens and Ardene.

Premium mall brands do exist as part of the outlet selection on Orfus, like Nine West and Roots but they aren’t exactly the overwhelming majority. You are more likely to find cheap t-shirts, club clothes and inexpensive pleather shoes.

Keep reading for a complete list of stores.orfus road

1. Roots outlet – sweats and off season merchandise. This is a mixture of what didn’t sell in the main Roots store and special outlet produced Roots merchandise.

2. Urban Behaviour – inexpensive junior club wear.

3. Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply (TBBS) – beauty supply store. Find salon products that hairdressers use from combs, brushes & hair dryers right through to the shampoos and hair colour.

4. Sirens / Bluenotes Outlet – inexpensive tees, jeans. Casual and club clothing.

5. The Shopping Channel – lots of items that you see on The Shopping Channel on TV. Has many of their best sellers and a outlet section of discounted items.

5a. River Island – this is NOT the UK high street chain but what to me looks like Target Apparel just rebranded. Much like the rest of Orfus Road, inexpensive clothes for women and men. Women’s clothing is not that different than many of the other stores but the mens is a bit more preppy, although still not great quality.

6. Barnes & Castle – kitchen and cooking gadgets.

7. Sirens Outlet – more inexpensive club wear.

8. Suzy Outlet – outlet for Suzy Sheir. Known for inexpensive polyester suits, dresses, accessories.

9.  Ardene Outlet – accessories.

10. Diana James Dresses – dresses including bridal and bridesmaid options. Great inexpensive option for prom dresses.

10a. Designer Depot – An off priced retailer similar to Winners and Marshalls.

11. Fine Leather by James & James – lots of leather jackets but the styles are cuts can be dated.

12. Kitchen Stuff Plus Clearance Outlet – kitchen gadgets, bathroom accessories, picture frames and small accent furniture. Often this location will have a “garage sale” of super discounted items on their front lawn. The store has more a warehouse feel in comparison to their regular stores but LOTs of selection.

12b. Lens Mill Outlet – a liquidator that has everything under the sun. Often find fun home decor for less than even at Winners. Great for sewers and crafters as they have excellent prices on fabric.

13. San Paulo Fashion – club wear. You often hear this store before you see it as they have club beats on the loud speaker.

14. Grande Cheese Factory Outlet – the only food related outlet on the strip

15. Beddington Outlet – outlet for the GTA Beddington stores which sells linens, beddings and bathroom accessories.

16.  JJ outlet

17. BH Jeans

18. Milano Couture

19. Refelli Fashion Outlet

20. ATQ Brand House

21. Body n Sole Outlet Store – workout gear

22. Crystal Bead Shop

23. Authentic Classic

24. Urban Depot

25. Royal Jewellery

26. Family Leather Factory outlet – Leather Jackets

27.  I Saw that on TV store

28. Shades of Beauty

29. Party Packagers – party supplies store.

30. Deblins Linens (closed)

31. LA Star

32. Nygard Outlet

33. Le Chateau Outlet

34. Emanuel Bitini

35. Varese Outlet

36. Ballets Bridal Outlet

37. Fox Apparel Outlet

38. Just Thrift – designer resale (amazing prices for high end designer finds)

39. B& W Fashion Outlet

40. Ardene Shoes

41. Ducati Fashions Outlet

42. YAYA & Co – somewhere in between all the cheap clubwear and the recognizable mall stores at Yorkdale. The clothing tends to be affordable and trendy without being overtly trashy.

43. Shoe Planet – inexpensive trendy shoes made from canvas or vegan leather. Lots of club styles that I wouldn’t want to walk to far in.

44. STiches Outlet

45. Bowering – dishes and kitchen appliances.

46. Pinstripe Menswear – inexpensive suits and dress shirts for men.

47. Dot Furniture Outlet – lots of outdoor furniture (formerly  Windsor Bridal now on Caledonia Rd)

48. Your White Dress Bridal Outlet (now part of Windsor Bridal)

49. Varese Shoes Outlet

50. Siblings Outlet – children’s clothes.

51. International Clothiers & Fairweather – inexpensive suits for men and boys plus items from Fairweather that didn’t sell in their main mall locations.

If you are looking for a deal on kids sleepers and infant clothing check out Snugabye Factory Outlet just across from the intersection of Caledonia and Orfus.

How to get here

If you are coming from out of town take the Dufferin exit off the 401. Go south on Dufferin and turn right (west) onto Orfus Rd. If you are driving through the city Orfus Road is just north of Lawrence between Dufferin and Caledonia.

Parking Options

Very few of the outlets offer more than a few parking spots. That said you could find parking around the Fabricland (just in behind Orfus, accessible off Dufferin), or park on the side streets which generally offer free parking.

Rinx has a number of parking spots but there are usually hockey games or practices all day and night which means there will be competition for spots.

If you are willing to walk, Yorkdale is a short walk north east of Orfus Road which will have plenty of parking, otherwise be willing to circle a few times if you are shopping during peak hours.

Is it worth going to Orfus Road?

Many people swear by the deals they are finding at Orfus Road. But with higher end outlet malls now open a short drive north and west of the city should you stay in the city and shop Orfus? Well it depends on what stores you like to shop.

I was surprised to see some of the same stores at Toronto Premium Outlets! So why drive all the way out to Halton Hills if you can find the same things in Toronto? Personally I like the deals I find at Snugabye Outlet, TBBS and Lens Mill. But if you are looking to shop high end designer brands like Coach, Michael Kors or Kate Spade then you will have to look to Vaughan Mills or Toronto Premium Outlets.