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Everlane Loafer Review

June 6, 2015

I have a thing for pointy toe flats. And I don’t think I am alone. So when Everlane launched the Modern Loafer last year I thought now that is a nice shoe. But I have wide feet and I wasn’t so sure about ordering from Canada so I just left it alone.

Then I found my silver loafers and after some foot issues over this past winter I found myself ditching all my lets just say lower quality shoes in favour of my JCREW silver loafers.

But wearing silver shoes all the time kinda makes them lose their cool factor. I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb at the school drop off, like maybe all the other parents whispered about the crazy lady and her wild silver shoes. I am sure I was obsessing about nothing but it gave me the justification to test out the Everlane Loafers. This is my Everlane Loafer review

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The Everlane Loafer Review – Everlane Loafer Fit

everlane loafer reviewI knew from purchasing the silver loafers which are also narrow with a pointed toe that sizing up is a must. I was surprised that I was wearing an 8.5 which is a full size larger than what I normally wear. (**Update** I wear anything from a 7.5 to 8, so it is a half size larger from the larger end of the shoes I wear **) But if you read any of the other reviews of the Everlane loafers you will know that they fit small.

I have short but wide feet and the 8.5 is the perfect fit for me. Half a size larger and the Everlane loafers would be too sloppy and big, half a size smaller and they would be too small and pinch-y.

I think out of everything getting your size right is crucial to loving or hating the modern loafer by Everlane.

The shape of this shoe is everything. It is the reason they look cool as opposed to overly preppy. But when you put them on there are other details that make you realize how good this shoe really is.

The leather is soft but structured. It is lined with leather as well which is great because they will give and mold to your foot with wear. The foot bed is also cushioned providing extra comfort. This feature alone makes me think that these shoes would usually sell for a lot more if it weren’t for Everlane’s non-traditional business model.

As for fit they are snug without being uncomfortable. I have been wearing these non-stop since they arrived at my office this past week and have not had any rubbing or blisters which is excellent. I know the fit will only get better with wear.

Everlane Loafer Review: Where to Buy Everlane Shoes

Everlane has two locations in the US where you can actually go and try stuff on in a store. One in New York and one in San Francisco. Everlane has also had pop ups that travel to various cities in the USA. However the main way to buy Everlane shoes is to order them through their website. Ordering from Canada was easy. I had free shipping (I think this was a promotion) and didn’t have to pay any additional duties or taxes which is always a plus. If you are not luck enough to have a promo like that expect to pay $15 shipping plus duties and taxes. Watch though because a couple of times a year Everlane will have a free international shipping promotion.

I always wonder about things that I see on Bloggers instagram feeds (these shoes have been seen on everyone from Atlantic-Pacific to Song of Style), whether they are wearing them because they were gifted or because they really wanted them. That being said this is a shoe that I see top bloggers wearing again and again which I take to be a sign of something good. I can attest to the fact that these loafers turned out better than I was expecting.

What do you think of the Everlane Modern Loafer review? Would you wear them?

Wondering how the Everlane Loafers compare to the Everlane Modern Point? Check out my review here.

Everlane Loafer Review 2016 Update

I have now owned these loafers for over a year and I can say they only get more comfortable with time. The leather softens and quite honestly these are my most comfortable shoes. Even with the pointed toe.

While the shoes have got some wear, they don’t appear worn out. The colour seems to have gotten softer with wear. I regularly contemplate getting a second pair because the Evelane Loafer is my favourite shoe for work.

  • flo
    June 9, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    These loafers look great on you! I only recently heard about Everlane and I’ve had some t-shirts in my cart for a while now but I never looked beyond their Ts. I have an issue with a lot of flats as well, I think my feet are normal width but I can’t seem to endure the pain of breaking them in. It’s hard b/c flats are worn with bare feet so we get no protection! It might not just be b/c you say your feet are wider. I have maybe one stylish flat that never hurt my feet. I mean I’ve tried Tory Burch Revas and then my friend convinced me to try Lanvin ‘Signature flats’ which luckily I got on sale. But they weren’t that cheap and I’m still working on them! I’ve cut myself off from buying anymore now until I break-in what I have. I might put these in my cart as well. Would you say if someone has normal width feet to get their regular shoe size then?

    • Jane the torontoShopoholic
      June 9, 2015 at 8:18 pm

      Almost every review I have read said they fit small and many are suggesting to go up half a size. Only one blogger I read said to stick to your true size but she admitted they hurt and took breaking in.

      They are very narrow and not just for my feet, in general so I would definitely take some measurements and compare them to the site or email Everlane. I have emailed them before to get more details on sizes and they were super helpful.

      • makeupforit
        August 10, 2015 at 11:27 am

        I also wear a 7.5, and as everything says to up a half size, I was going to order and 8, but I am not wondering if perhaps ordering an 8.5 is the better way to go. Did you get it right on the first order, or did you order an 8 and have to exchange it for another size? I figure that since exchanges are free, it won’t be a huge deal if I don’t get it right the first time.

        • Jane the torontoShopoholic
          August 10, 2015 at 12:14 pm

          For me the 8.5 is perfect. I think if I had of gone with the 8 it would have been snug at first and would have required a considerable break in period. I can also wear socks this way as well.

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