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Everlane Day Heel Review

September 4, 2017

After returning a few pairs of Everlane shoes (including these), I had some credit to use up. Of course it was burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I decided to see what the fuss was all about for one of Everlane’s most popular shoes right now. This is my Everlane Day Heel Review. everlane day heel review

Everlane Day Heel Review

The Day Heel is described as a heel that you can walk in all day. It is super comfortable considering it is a heel. The lower 2 inch block heel is one of the main reasons why this heel is so walkable. It is also super walkable because of all the cushioning on the footbed.

Like other Everlane shoes that I have the Day Heel gives the foot a long narrow look. Even on feet like mine which are neither. This long narrow look is surprising with the Everlane Day Heel because of the rounded toe.

everlane day heel review

I usually steer clear of rounded toe shoes. I am on team pointy toe for life. Yet here I am saying these shoes are not only comfortable but also stylish. My main reason for staying away from any rounded toe ballet flat type shoes is because they are usually cut lower on the foot than the Day Heel. The lower cut of most other shoes like these causes them to hurt the joint of my big toe.

The Day Heel is different because it encases more of the foot. As a result they are super comfortable. Yes you sacrifice some toe cleavage but I think the result is a better shoe for every day wear.

everlane day heel reviewEverlane Day Heel Review: Sizing

On the Everlane website the description for the Day Heel says that it is true to size. I however ordered my Everlane size of 8.5 as opposed to an 8 which is what I would order elsewhere.

I am happy with the 8.5. Because this shoe is narrow I feel that people with wider feet should probably stick with their sizing for the loafers or other flats from Everlane. Otherwise you might feel pinching in the toes and have a longer painful break in period.

I do notice that the back heel is not as snug fitting as say the Modern Loafer is on me. However with the elasticized back heel there is more fit forgiveness and the heel doesn’t slop around or flip on and off as you walk.

I am pleasantly surprised by the Everlane Day Heel. I was expecting to be disappointed by the fit of these shoes just because they are a riff on a ballet flat and ballet flats traditionally don’t work for my feet. Instead I found they are very comfortable and hug the foot as opposed to fight against it making the Day Heel live up to all of it’s promises.

What do you think of the Everlane Day Heel Review? Is this shoe on your wishlist? I am tempted to try the Day Flat next!

everlane day heel review