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Things to do at Niagara Falls

July 23, 2017
things to do at niagara falls

A few weeks ago we packed up the kids and drove an hour and a half to visit Niagara Falls for the day. I have been to The Falls a few times in my life but I think this might have been one of the best because it really felt new again. Seeing Niagara Falls from the wonder of a kids eyes really makes it special. This are…


What to pack for the Dominican Republic

July 4, 2017
what to pack for the dominican republic

You are probably thinking, “Jane didn’t you just tell us you stick around Ontario in the Summer?” and I would tell you yes I do. But it is also summer sale season so you need to stock up now for any fall or winter vacations you might be planning so you can find all the summer outfits you want to pack. My husband and I are thinking about…


What to Pack for Quebec City

June 22, 2017
what to pack for Quebec City

Last month we took a road trip to Quebec City. It was magical walking through the historical city. The weather was a bit all over the place though. One day it was cool and rainy the next was HOT. The key to packing for Quebec City is layers and options. You could say this is true for all of Canada. With our four seasons you really need to…


Ontario Road Trip: Covered Bridge

June 18, 2017
ontario road trip covered bridge

Summer is time for road trips. For checking out places you have never been. New beaches, farmers markets and historical landmarks. Or just a pretty town you want to visit. We never really travel abroad in the summer months because Ontario is gorgeous in the summer. We used to just head to the cottage but now that our kids are a bit older and we have a few…


Personal Item Packing

May 27, 2017
personal item packing

We hear quite a bit about packing your carry on when it comes to air plane travel. Most of us use the term carry on pretty loosely for any type of bags we are taking with us on the plane. But airlines have a more specific definitions. In fact depending on the type of airline you are flying you might get one piece of carry on luggage as…


Things to do in Quebec City

May 22, 2017
things to do in quebec city

We just came back from our road trip to Quebec city. Even though we live just one province away I had never been to this gorgeous historical city. It was about time to wander the streets of a Canadian city that drips in European Charm. These are the Things to do in Quebec City.…


What to pack for Vacation

February 28, 2017
what to pack for vacation

One of my favourite problems to solve is what to pack for vacation. Bathing suits and summer dresses and sandals. All the clothes that are hiding at the back of your closet through the colder months can be pulled out of storage. Of course if your vacation is somewhere colder you might want to know what to pack for a ski trip. OR if you are heading to…

Food Travel

The Boathouse Restaurant Review

February 19, 2017
the boathouse restaurant review

When I was researching restaurants to try while at Disney the Boathouse was one I was drawn to right away. It has all the feel of a traditional Florida restaurant. It serves seafood, it is on the water, everything needed for a dinner out. This is the Boathouse Restaurant review. The Boathouse restaurant is located at Disney Springs. This means you can hop on the Disney Bus from…


Best Shoes for Travel

January 26, 2017
best shoes for travel

Nothing can ruin a day sightseeing more than an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The best shoes for travel will be equally stylish and comfortable. The best shoes for travel have to be able to handle a full day of walking, cobblestones and handle the weather at hand.…