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Black Friday Sales 2017

November 22, 2017
black friday sales 2017

Black Friday Sales are HERE! That means you can snag some awesome deals on all sorts of things. I shared my wishlist yesterday. Today is the day to find out how much of a deal we can get. Asos – get 30% off everything. Thinking about this. They also have a great selection of wacky Christmas sweaters. Ann Taylor has 50% off everything. Unfortunately this sale is in…


Black Friday Wish List

November 21, 2017
black friday wish list

I will be honest it is coming as a bit of a shock that Black Friday is coming up in a couple of days. As much as I am getting into the Holiday Spirit it still feels surreal that we are actually this far along in the year! I know it is cliche but where has 2017 gone? Whatever the reason it seems to have gone so fast…


Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

November 20, 2017
christmas gifts for cat lovers

I have always been a cat lover. Not that I don’t like dogs (that is my husband) it is just that preference is for cats. I don’t mind that they can be aloof for most of the day and then curl up with you once they are ready. Maybe because that is closer to my own personality! Whether the cat lover in your life wears this love right…


Christmas Pyjamas worth Buying

November 18, 2017
christmas pjs

During the Christmas holidays I can guarantee that there will be at least one day where we spend all day in our PJ’s. It also means lazy mornings where we don’t have to go anywhere too fast. I have pulled together a roundup of Christmas Pyjamas worth buying because they are cozy and festive. Christmas Pyjamas worth buying: Plush Sleep Legging, Holiday Red – these pants are on my…


Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

November 17, 2017
Christmas gifts for Teen Girls

I have two teen girls on my Christmas list. My nieces are in their late teens and I can usually get by with a Sephora gift card but there have been years when I have gotten fun pool floats or added to a gift card with a colourful scarf. Teens can be hard to shop for if you don’t have one in your house or if you are…

What I wore

Teddy Coat Style

November 16, 2017
teddy coat style

I have succumbed to the teddy coat trend. And to be honest anything that keeps me warm and cozy is a good trend in my books. Really the teddy coat is a different way to wear fleece. Still I prefer this coat style that to a more sporty traditional looking fleece pullover. When I first tried on this teddy coat I thought that this is going to be…


Cute Kids Christmas Sweaters

November 14, 2017

I have some special guest stars on the blog today. My kids are modelling some cute kids Christmas sweaters. While I personally would put myself and my Husband in something red or green, I go a bit more full on festive with my kids. How can I not they are too cute! My son gets off a bit easy in that he can wear essentially regular school clothes…

What I wore

Must have Faux Fur Scarf

November 13, 2017
fold over fur scarf

You know when you see something and you have to have it. Not the oh I like it but then you think about it for a while or a month. That overwhelming urge to just snap it up because it just looks so cool? I used to have that feeling all the time shopping but lately I have been bored with most of what ends up at the…


Christmas Outfit Ideas for Kids

November 8, 2017
Christmas outfit ideas for kids

It is hard to believe that the end of 2017 is fast approaching. My kids seem to be outgrowing their clothes super fast so I am watching the sales to stock up on what they are going to need to get through to the end of the school year. I am also looking at all the super cute Christmas clothes that will make for some amazing portraits. There…

Christmas What I wore

Red and Black and Plaid

November 7, 2017
red black plaid Christmas outfit

Sometimes all it takes is one item to pull an outfit together. Red and black is something that seems like a bit of a no brainer. But I never really put it together this way before. I always thought I should use a scarf with less red first of all. But I actually like how this turned out. Ever since I got these black velvet pants I wanted…