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What I bought

HM Try on Haul

July 25, 2017
black dress hm

I went on a tear ordering some stuff from H&M recently. I found myself following some British bloggers that keep scoring some seriously awesome high street fast fashion finds. So I thought instead of thinking oh those would probably look good but not actually ordering anything I thought I would pull the trigger on some affordable fashion finds from H&M. In order to get these reviews out to…

What I bought

Sale Finds and Recent Buys

July 24, 2017
sale finds

Ok I have alot to say in today’s post so bear with me. The first is a confession. I didn’t buy anything from Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale. Phew. That was a LOAD off my chest! I mean every blogger and their brother is promoting the sale. And while I admit I found loads of great stuff (rounded up here) I couldn’t bring myself to buy things I already had…


Things to do at Niagara Falls

July 23, 2017
things to do at niagara falls

A few weeks ago we packed up the kids and drove an hour and a half to visit Niagara Falls for the day. I have been to The Falls a few times in my life but I think this might have been one of the best because it really felt new again. Seeing Niagara Falls from the wonder of a kids eyes really makes it special. This are…

What I wore

Blog Picks that are now ON SALE

July 20, 2017
mackage leather jacket review

A bunch of different items that I have featured on the blog over the last few months are now ON SALE. I wanted to share all these items so you can score these items while you can. The first is the Blank NYC suede jacket. The one on sale is a bit different in that it doesn’t have the belt but otherwise it is a great option. I…

What I wore

3 Fantastic Full Figure Bras

July 19, 2017
3 fantastic full figure bras

I have been ordering and returning bras for the past six months. I couldn’t get anything that satisfied all my criteria. Good fit, nice shape and comfort. It goes without saying they need to actually be supportive. Which it really doesn’t go without saying because I had to return some bras because they didn’t really do the job. But I was able to finally track down some bras…

What I wore

Stripes & Military Green

July 18, 2017
stripe dress military green vest

Yesterday was one of those days at work where I just sat down and got shit done. It was great. I felt productive and I think it is going to set the tone for the week. I think in part it had something to do with this outfit. A great outfit can make or break how you see the day. I used to dress “smart” for tests and…

What I wore

Back to work

July 16, 2017

I have been a bit bored with my outfits of late and that leads me to post fewer of them on the blog. But after some time off work for some summer holidays with the kiddos I am back to the office next week. I was a bit more inspired to put together an office look for heading back to work. I say this and it sounds silly…

what I want

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks

July 14, 2017
nordstrom anniversary sale kids picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary is special because it offers new fall merchandise at sale prices in July. It also means it is a great time to shop Back to School deals. Kids might be enjoying their summer holidays but lets face it there is less than two months before the whole school routine starts again. These are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Floral…

what I want

Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks

July 13, 2017
nordstrom sale 2017 picks

The Nordstrom Sale is live today for those of you in the USA with Nordstrom Cards. Unfortunately Canadians don’t get early access online even though we do have a Nordstrom branded card. Still browsing the sale now will give us an idea of what to shop for once the sale is live in Canadian stores. These are my Nordstrom Sale 2017 picks. Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks WRAP COATS…

Outfit Remix

French Chic Capsule Wardrobe

July 12, 2017
French Chic Capsule Wardrobe

Even though I don’t live in France I have this idea of French Chic. It is a wardrobe that is minimalist but chic at every turn. Loads of neutrals, stripes and pops of red. Classics that remix to create looks worthy of walking along the Champs Elysee. This is my French Chic Capsule Wardrobe. French Chic Capsule Wardrobe BOAT-NECK TOP – Is there anything more French chic than…