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Which Pom Pom Slides are YOU?

February 9, 2018
pom pom slides

I love an embellished sandals. But this summer I am thinking pom pom slides are in order. These mules have a very boho vibe but work as a versatile option that could go with dresses, trousers and jeans. I picked out two pairs of pom pom slides that at this point are my favourites but are also at two different price points. At the high end are the…

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Olympic Team Clothing; PyeongChang 2018

February 7, 2018
olympic team clothing pyeongchang 2018

The Winter Olympics are back and starting in just a couple of days. After all the controversy of the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil it will be interesting to follow what is going on in South Korea beyond the team standings! I do follow the Winter Olympics more closely than summer. Partially because Canada tends to fair betting in the events but also because I personally am more…

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Weekly Roundup 2

January 20, 2018
madewell slip on shoes

This week has been gearing up towards this weekends festivities. We have a birthday girl in the house and she has already opened some of her presents. There will be more cake and family fun. And more food. I am probably going to need a serious detox after this weekend. On a different note most of what I ordered has arrived. Some is ok (the living proof shampoo,…

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Meghan Markle Style

December 13, 2017
meghan markle style

I have never been one to closely follow the Royals. I wasn’t too phased when Kate and William tied the knot. Canadians are a bit more into the whole Royal Family due to our country’s closeness but I grew up in a time when their influence over this country was greatly diminished. My Grandma still loves to follow the goings on but I think in general my generation…

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Faux Fur Accents

October 5, 2017
faux fur trend 2017

I feel like this is the year to get some really great faux fur. There are so many amazing options I wasn’t even able to capture all the ones I like in this roundup. More just keep coming out and there is out there options and minimal tastes of fur too. Basically however you want to wear it you can get it this year so I suggest you…

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Teddy Coat Roundup

September 26, 2017
teddy coat

I have been a fan of the teddy coat look for years but somehow have never acquired a teddy coat of my own. I guess I always had something else that was more desirable at the time. I did pick up this faux shearling coat last year but I think this year I am going to pull the trigger on a true teddy coat. While some of these…

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Mr and Mrs Italy Parka Dupes

September 20, 2017
mr. and mrs. italy parka dupes

Whether you have heard or Mr and Mrs Italy Parkas or not you can agree that they take something fairly regular looking and make them look super luxurious and glam. Their parkas are instantly recognizable for their brightly coloured fur linings that take an ordinary parka and kick it up a notch. As much as I think these parkas are to die for their price tags are out…

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Hermes Oran Sandal Dupe

August 2, 2017
hermes oran sandals dupe

Neutral sandals like these are something that can easily be worn with everything from jeans to sundresses. The Hermes Oran Sandal is a luxury sandal that has been super popular this summer. The neutral colour and the H motif that is subtle but there all the same. But at $810 they are quite an expensive simple leather sandal. But there is a fantastic Hermes Oran Sandal dupe that…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks

July 14, 2017
nordstrom anniversary sale kids picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary is special because it offers new fall merchandise at sale prices in July. It also means it is a great time to shop Back to School deals. Kids might be enjoying their summer holidays but lets face it there is less than two months before the whole school routine starts again. These are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Floral…

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Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks

July 13, 2017
nordstrom sale 2017 picks

The Nordstrom Sale is live today for those of you in the USA with Nordstrom Cards. Unfortunately Canadians don’t get early access online even though we do have a Nordstrom branded card. Still browsing the sale now will give us an idea of what to shop for once the sale is live in Canadian stores. These are my Nordstrom Sale 2017 picks. Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks WRAP COATS…