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Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant Review

November 30, 2017

I think everyone has searched for those black trousers that marry a professional look with comfort for a full day at the office. A pair of black pants that you would willingly wear after hours or on the weekend even if you don’t have to. I wouldn’t usually choose an elastic waist pair of pants. But after finding success in the summer with a great pair of elastic waist trousers I decided to give Everlane’s a try. This is my Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant review. 

everlane italian goweave easy pant review

The Italian GoWeave Easy pant from Everlane is an elastic waist trouser that currently comes in three colours. Black, olive and navy. Unlike the Japanese GoWeave pants the Italian version is 100% wool. I know many people don’t like wool pants because they are itchy however this is an all season wool which is quite soft and not scratchy. It is also lightweight enough to work for summer, especially in an air conditioned office.

Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant Review

I am wearing my usual size 12 in these Everlane pants. A number of the reviews said to size down but I would disagree. I think it really depends on your body and where you hold your weight. If you have a thicker lower body I would say order your usual size. Yes the pants are relaxed but they are not oversized. You want these to drape nicely. If however you have thin legs and don’t carry any weight in your hips or bum then you might want to consider sizing down. These pants go up to a 14 which is refreshing for Everlane to carry more sizes!

Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant reviewThe elastic on these trousers is quite nice. It isn’t too tight causing extra rolls. I will go more into why in a moment but I prefer to wear these pants at my natural waist or slightly above. When it sits there the elastic is not stretched at all which is great for easy of wear of these pants. They feel more like a dress pant than a cheap sweat pant that would stretched beyond belief. I think Everlane got this so right.

The length is advertised as cropped. Well it looks that way on the model anyways. However on me (I am 5’4) they are a regular length pant. I did not have to have them hemmed which is fantastic. Someone shorter might find them a bit long. Someone taller will have more of an ankle crop pant.

The Everlane Italian GoWeave pant selling feature is that they are wrinkle resistant. I can say that after sitting at a desk all day I do find that they wrinkle however when I hang them in the closet the wrinkles fall out easily. Although less easily with more wear. I haven’t tried washing these pants. They do say dry clean only however I generally wash all my trousers in the laundry at home. Just with some care.

everlane italian goweave easy pant review

These pants are a fantastic work pant. They are comfortable but still stylish. Usually I would say that Everlane’s shoes are much better than their clothing but these pants are definitely up to the Everlane shoe standard.

I wasn’t expecting much when I ordered these pants. I fully expected to want to return them after I tried them on. Still I wanted to give them a chance. These pants have really made me rethink all my dislike of elastic waist trousers. It just goes to show that when Everlane does something they do it well. I am thinking that I really need the olive pair too!

everlane Italian goweave easy pant review

What do you think of the Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant review? Is this something you want to add to your wardrobe? I have struggled with a black pant that I liked to wear. I have had some black pants in the past that I felt like I should have but weren’t something I would willing choose to wear on a Monday morning. The Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant are a pair that I enjoy styling and wearing to work every week.

Outfit details: Coat Mackage, Sweater JCREW, pants Everlane (obvs), Boots Everlane (reviewed here).