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Everlane Boss Boot Review

November 27, 2017

Originally I was pretty torn whether to get the Everlane Boss Boot or not. They are a similar shape to my Marc Fisher boots just with a higher heel. Also I have a pair of the Heel Boot which I love. After seeing a bunch of other bloggers wearing these on Instagram I thought I could order a pair and if they weren’t great I would just send them back. Of course I think they are fantastic and I made sure to pick a colour I didn’t have so I could easily justify keeping them. This is my Everlane Boss Boot review.

everlane boss boot review

As the name of the boot implies this boot means business. Be the boss with the ultimate work boot. And not the steel toe kind. The Boss boot features a pointed toe and a totally walkable 2 inch heel. I have the boot in the pebbled leather in cognac.

The Everlane Boss Boot Review

I really like this boot. It is a toss up as to which of the Everlane boots I like better but there is enough different about each one that it warrants having both boots.

The Everlane Boss Boot has a perfectly pointed toe and the leather is super soft. I adore the cognac colour. It is a really unique shade. And because of the the black heel this boot easily goes with everything.

everlane boss boot review

The Everlane boss boot is a fairly reasonable dupe for the Acne Jensen boot as well as the the Marc Fisher boots which I have here. The obvious difference is the slightly higher heel and the side zip. Still if you are looking for an affordable Jensen boot option you should seriously consider these. The Everlane Boss Boot is a bit higher on the ankle and the zip is a bit more fitted than the Marc Fisher boots that are a pull on style.

Compared with my favourite black boots, the Everlane Heel boot there are a few differences. First the pebbled leather of the Boss boot is softer making them really easy to wear right out of the box. The Heel boot has a stretch pull on style versus the zipper of the Boss boot. I guess the Boss has to be more of a grown up and bend down and zip her shoes! The heel is the same on both boots but the toe is different. The Boss boot has a sharp pointed toe whereas the Heel Boot has a softer pointed toe more of an almond toe.

To be honest I don’t really notice much of a difference fit wise between the two Everlane boots. The difference in the toe shape doesn’t really affect the fit between the boots. The softer leather of the Boss boot does make them feel a bit more stretchy if that makes any sense. A bit more give in the leather versus the Heel boot. I do wish they had the stretch pull on as opposed to the zip. But not enough to opt out of this boot.

I prefer the colour options of the Boss Boot if you are looking to go beyond just black. Both have suede options as well.

everlane boss boot review

What do you think with the Everlane Boss Boot review? Are you going to snap up these boots?