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Mr and Mrs Italy Parka Dupes

September 20, 2017

Whether you have heard or Mr and Mrs Italy Parkas or not you can agree that they take something fairly regular looking and make them look super luxurious and glam. Their parkas are instantly recognizable for their brightly coloured fur linings that take an ordinary parka and kick it up a notch. As much as I think these parkas are to die for their price tags are out of reach for a mere mortal such as myself. One of these coats costs $9 thousand dollars. YIKES! So I have found some super convincing faux fur dupes that are easy on the pocket book. These are my Mr. and Mrs. Italy parka dupes.

mr. and mrs. italy parka dupes

Mr. and Mrs. Italy Parka Look a Likes

  1. Shearling-lined cotton-canvas parka – Similar to the version worn on Olivia Palermo the bright teal really pops against the army green. Not a dupe, this option has a price tag to go with that luxurious fur. 
  2. Contrast hooded parka – one of the least expensive options on the list I love the bright pink hood! This coat doesn’t have the faux fur lining but a fun silver metallic interior.
  3. Faux Fur-Trimmed Military Parka – another affordable option with a bordeaux coloured hood. 
  4. Parka with Removable Faux Fur Trim – Ok so this is THE most affordable parka in the list. The hood isn’t as bright and contrasting as the rest but still a gorgeous colour.
  5. Furry hooded parka – This soft baby pink is more subtle than the other affordable options but it is still a great option. It goes well with the army green just like the bolder colours. 
  6. Pastel Pink Fox Lined Dark Green Parka – This is the most expensive option in the list. Loving the kaleidoscope of colourful fur.
  7. Contrast hooded parka – This is the option that I broke down and bought. Or rather I couldn’t pass up because that combination is amazing. The brighter burgundy and the full faux fur lining is gorgeous. Don’t be fooled by Mango’s sizing. They have adjusted their sizes for Canadian and US sites. The European Large is listed as a Medium. I tried this jacket on today and I can say the Medium fits as a large. In fact it is a fairly generous large.
  8. Mini Canvas Lapin and Murmasky Parka – There is just something about the blue of this hood and lining. It is just perfect.

The affordable options are really amazing. Some are subtle but others are just as bold as the real Mr. and Mrs. Italy jackets. When I tried on this jacket I was amazed at how glamorous it is! Even though we are still having some late summer weather I look forward to wearing this beauty when the temperatures drop.

What do you think about these parkas? Would you rock the contrast hooded jacket?