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Everlane Form Crossover Sandal Review

May 29, 2017

everlane form crossover sandal review

I have had a pair of Birkenstock sandals on and off since the mid 1990s. Ok back then they were definitely knockoffs but I have quite a few pairs over the years. One thing they aren’t is a cute pair of shoes. Super comfortable. I can walk for days in them but they are not exactly stylish. This year Everlane is taking on the Birkenstock sandal and upping the style factor. This is my Everlane Form Crossover Sandal Review. (shoes gifted for review)

everlane form crossover sandal review

Everlane Form Crossover Sandal Review

The footbed of the Everlane form crossover sandal is very similar to a Birkenstock sandal. There is a moulded footbed that feels cushy and supportive. Unlike Birks the footbed of the form crossover sandal is lined with soft napa leather. It is softer and smoother than the alternative.

The simple leather crossover is where this sandal shines and gets style factor points. It is minimalistic chic which is what Everlane does best.

Sizing is always a bit of an issue with Everlane shoes. I always have to size up at least half a size to get the best fit. The upside is that these sandals are all leather which means they will give and mold to your foot with wear.

There are no half sizes to choose from in the Everlane form crossover sandal so instead of my usual 8.5 I was sent a size 9. At first I thought there some be some sort of mistake that there was no way a 9 was going to fit but they do. Could I have gotten away with a smaller size? If there was half sizes yes, there is definitely a bit of length to play with but width wise I would say the sandal is perfect. Everlane does recommend to size up if you are between sizes.

Comfort wise these shoes are great. Since I do usually go for long walks with my Birkenstocks I wanted to test out these sandals to see if they continue to live up to the alternative. Every year the first long walk with my Birkenstocks I get blisters on the bottom of my feet. It is sort of the first toughening up they get for the summer season. The Everlane form sandals were no different although I didn’t get blisters on the bottom of my feet. I think the softer napa leather is better that way but I did get blisters from the crossovers.

So while you can do moderate walking in the Everlane form crossover sandal without needing to break them in, to do lengthly 2 km plus walks you need to expect a breaking in period.

One thing I did notice about these sandals is that they are a bit loud. Which is an odd thing to say about a pair of shoes. They have the sound of flip flops as well as a stickiness. The smooth napa leather sticks to the foot more than the suede of the Birkenstock. Still I think this will subside with wear. I also only noticed this at work since our office is quiet at this time of year.

Irregardless of the sounds I noticed this shoe is leaps and bounds ahead of the Birkenstock style wise but still provides all of the comfort.

Everlane makes great quality shoes. This is my fifth pair. You can read my review of the Everlane Loafers, the Modern Point, the Street Sandal or the Heel Boot. Short version all of them are glowing.

What do you think of the Everlane Form Crossover Sandal? Is this a must have shoe for you this year?