The Best Cream for Dry Winter Skin

December 14, 2016

the best cream for dry winter skin

The temperatures have dropped below zero and my skin has started to look more like a shedding snake than healthy human skin. It seems like no matter how much water I drink or how hydrate I am my hands feel dry and crackly. In fact it isn’t just my hands, my legs are so flaky! I am sure an entire small human could be created with the skin flakes left behind on my jeans. You know you hate it too, winter skin.

But you know what I dislike just as much? The creams that seem to take a half and hour to soak into my skin. That feel slimy and greasy as opposed to fresh healthy hydrated skin.

I have talked about my favourite creams before and to be honest I still have some of all of these brands. I tend to use them more on my body, except for the Arbonne one. I use that for hands. But this one cream trumps they all. It is the hands down best cream I have ever tried for dry winter skin.

The Best Cream for Dry Winter Skin

the best cream for dry winter skinThe best cream for dry winter skin is from First Aid Beauty and it is the Ultra Repair Cream. You will notice it is in a small tube in the picture above. That is because I tried this product first as a free points sample from Sephora. I have tried a few other products from this brand which I will save for product reviews but this tube is so remarkable for dry winter skin I had to write about it and share it with you. Especially since I went ahead and bought the full size version of this product. That almost never happens. I mean why buy something when you can just move onto the next free sample. Well you buy the full size version when it is better than anything else you have tried.

So what makes this product so special? Two things.

First off I can put the Ultra Repair Cream on my hands in the morning and I don’t NEED to keep putting on more and more throughout the day. Some creams don’t last. You know what I mean you go to the washroom and wash your hands and then boom you need to moisturize all over again. Not so with this cream. It also leaves my hands feeling soft. Some creams take away the dry feeling but don’t leave my hands feeling soft unless I continually moisturize with them over and over throughout the day.

The second thing I love about the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is that you don’t have to massage it into your hands for what seems like half and hour. It absorbs really quickly and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy or wet. It just leaves your hands feeling thoroughly moisturized. Like you have your summer hands back.

I wanted to share this post now not only because all of us are suffering all of a sudden with dry winter hands but also because during this time of year there are all sorts of gift sets that allow you to buy products for less than you would when you buy them individually. You can try this (I just bought one) and get 4 producs for the price of one. More gift sets with this Ultra Repair Cream below:

the best cream for dry winter skin

Have you found the Best Cream for Dry Winter Skin? Have you tried First Aid Beauty before?