K Jacques or Massimo at Target

July 23, 2013

Usually I am pretty adamant about buying leather especially for my feet. You see leather ages better, stretches to your foot and is a more natural option. Leather breaks down whereas “vegan” leather options (as they have been branded these days, although I am partial to still calling it pleather), are plastic and don’t break down.

Still polyurethane leathers are crazy cheap so it makes it affordable to ditch the sandals after one season if they don’t last or you don’t like them in a week  next year. And these vegan leathers are getting better and better at mimicking the real thing.

k jacques sandales, k jacques knock offs, k jacques look a likesk Jacques or Massimo Target sandals.

So I picked up the Massimo version at Target and I was almost convinced that the straps were leather until you read “all manmade materials” stamped on the interior.

Still they will hold over my fascination with classic gladiator sandal shapes until I can afford the K Jacques version.

Which would you choose? Are you a leather only girl or will you wear anything in your size that is cute?

Shop more K Jacques & K Jacques knock off sandals below: