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Winter Athleisure

February 2, 2018

I have noticed that most of what passes as athleisure is skewed to more warm weather or indoor only styles. Very few of the looks that get shown would work in winter beyond running from the car to the gym. I wanted share some real winter athleisure outfits that would work for someone who actually wanted to spend some time outside. In the SNOW. This is my ideal Winter Athleisure style.

winter athleisure

Winter Athleisure

  1. Down & Pima Loft Coat – If you are out in the Winter (I mean cold, snowy winter) you are going to need a good coat. I love the shape of this coat. The high collar is perfect for walking out in the cold.
  2. Perfect Winter Parka with Faux Fur Trim – I have been living in my parka like this. There is enough room for layering and the faux fur hood cuts the wind keeping you warm.
  3. Long Down & Pima Loft Coat – Another gorgeously shaped coat. Sporty looking and feminine at the same time.
  4. Alice Seamless Merino Turtlneck – cute base layers make for cute athleisure. When it isn’t crazy cold you can just as easily wear this sweater under a cute quilted vest.
  5. Infield Thermal Pull Over – This is a fleece lined polar tech top which will keep you warm and looking chic.
  6. Halftone long Sleeve Running top – I don’t use this top for winter running but just to keep warm for long winter walks. In real life it looks more floral and the inside is fleece lined keeping you toasty. There is also a half zip for easier getting on and off.
  7. Lole Magical Pants – Quilted front, adjustable waist and stretch knit back. These pants are cozy and comfy. Just how I want my athleisure to be.
  8. Arctic Luxe Pants – One of the major failings of most athleisure looks is that the pants are not really made for cold. These ones are. Quilted and insulating so you look cute but stay warm too.
  9. Force Slim Fleece Pants – I have these pants and I was amazed at how warm they were walking into a cold wind. The outer layer is not cotton like a sweat pant but more wind resistant. The inside is fleece lined. There are zips at the ankle so getting your socks on is a breeze and then just zip the pants on over top!
  10. Framheim Winter Boot – One of the things I a laugh at to myself when I see winter athleisure looks is the sneakers with no socks! I mean you can’t stay out in the cold like that you will freeze. Now granted there are different levels of winter around the world but if you actually have snow pick up a sporty boot instead.
  11. Tivoli III waterproof boot – These white boots are a fun alternative to the usual black we see everywhere. These are also lighter than the usual Sorels.
  12. Adirondack II Boot – These are the warmest of the bunch with the soft wool lined interior. So your feet stay warm for your entire time outside.

The great thing about these outfits is that once it gets warmer you can switch out the boots for sneakers and the coats for a vest and still have a cute athletic and purposeful outfit.

What is your favourite winter athleisure style?

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