Everything we ate in Prague, Vienna, Budapest

January 29, 2018

Part of travelling to a new country is trying new foods. Dishes and drinks that we don’t have at home. I had a delicious red wine, yummy desserts and so many meals that I would recommend. This is everything we ate in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and our other tour stops along the way. Everything we ate in Prague, Vienna & Budapest

Everything We Ate in Prague Vienna Budapest

I have mentioned before that when we arrived in Munich we were so jet lagged that we took some time to sleep, sacrificing any touring time. When we awoke it was time to get some fresh air and some food. There were a number of restaurants close to the hotel. The first one we tried was closed so we to get some pizza. Now this wasn’t any Pizza Pizza fast food pizza joint that we have in North America, this was a sit down Italian restaurant with fantastic gourmet pizzas.

Italian Restaurnant Neptun (near the NH Munchen Messe Hotel)

Pizza Munich

When we arrived there were plenty of seats available because it was a Sunday and we arrived fairly early. Close to 5 pm. The restaurant itself was nice but not overly formal or intimidating. What you would expect for a family restaurant in the suburbs. We had the option of an English menu which was great, and not overly surprising since there are tour groups coming to the hotel across the street on the regular. I ordered a prosciutto pizza and it was excellent. The size was huge. My husband and I could have shared but we each ordered our own pizza.

The restarant quickly filled up with families. It looked like a place where the locals came for good food. I know it seems silly to go for pizza in Germany it was really tastely.

We had so much food left over from our dinner that we didn’t need to stop the next day in Nuremburg. This gave us lots of time to go up to Nuremberg castle and see the views of the city.

Restarant Pod Juliskou (Near Hotel International Prague)

everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

We arrived at the Hotel International in Prague later in the afternoon on our second day. Those who were going on the evening excursion were heading out for the evening. We chose to find a restaurant on our own and stuck to the general area of the hotel. The hotel restaurant wasn’t rated that well so we went to find the grocery store first and stock up on snacks and water for the bus.

While our walking we saw Restaurant Pod Juliskou but weren’t sure if it was open as there was construction going on all around so we kept walking. After the stop at the grocery store we walked back towards the hotel and found that the restaurant was in fact open and the reviews on Trip Advisor were pretty good so we gave it a try.

The interior was even more laid back than the italian place in Munich, but there were quite a few people inside so we stayed. Boy was I glad we stayed. We had one of my most favourite meals of the whole trip! I ordered the Pork Cheek (shown above) and it was so amazing. That dark beer gravy was so tastey.

everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

I will be honest I don’t really remember exactly what my husband had except that I think it was also a pork dish and that those dumplings are more like stuffing made into a loaf. It was also good but the gravy on the pork cheek meal was better. It looks as though the restaurant has changed the menu since we were there last fall but the food was so good I think it is safe to still give it a solid recommendation. Two thumbs up from me it was one of my favourite meals of the trip.

Our second day in Prague was our long tour day. We had the tour of the Old Town in the morning and then in the afternoon went up and did another tour of the Castle district. We had a bit of time to stop for lunch. After a bit of wandering we ended up at Restaurant U Golema.

everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

This restaurant was nothing special. It was a bit of a dark dreary place. The food was ok. I had this meat roll with rice (shown above) and my husband had a burger.

I wish we would have taken more time to search out places to eat in the Old Town the night before. There were plenty of pricier places on the main streets but harder to find an affordable ones without getting hopelessly lost.

The next morning we were off to Vienna.

Strasser Brau (close to the Fourside Vienna City Center)

horseradish stuffed schnitzel

Our tour guide recommended to go to Strasser Brau to have a true Viennese schnitzel. We took a tour of the neighbourhood to see what else might be available, but it was pretty residential. Not much in the way of restaurants and bars open. So we circled back and sat down at Strasser Brau.

It had the feel of a beer hall. The kind of place that would have been super fun in the summer, especially if you were a student. Most of the people at the restaurant that night were from our tour and a few other families.

I chose the Strasser Brau Schnitzel which was stuffed with bacon, cheese and horseradish. It also came with potato salad. The portions were huge. I could have easily shared the meal and felt full. The horseradish was also plentiful. Especially in the middle. I took one bit that was too much horseradish for me to handle and had a bit of a coughing fit. Still it was quite good and I easily would order this again. All the schnitzel since seemed plain!

I would love to go back to this restaurant in the summer out to the patio.

The next evening we were in Budapest and onto our best meals of the tour.

Port Beer and Food (Buda side by the Danube)

everything we ate prague, vienna budapest

This restaurant looks to have been rebranded since we visited. The food was fantastic though! I had the crispy duck leg with cabbage and mashed potato. My husband had a beef dish that was so wonderfully spiced. We kept sharing each others meals because both were fantastic. My husband had a beer which he has since ordered a case of since we were home. The Delirium Tremens which is a strong Belgium beer.

During our sightseeing the next day we tried a Chimney Cake. I had thought to try one in Prague but didn’t actually stop to get one. We didn’t have as much free time there. So I made sure to try one in Budapest.

chimney cake budapest

We were lucky to have this made just for us. This was the traditional cinnamon Chimney Cake. It tastes similar to a Cinnamon bun without all the sticky sauce or icing. It was quite tasty and these are large so make sure to share. We found this on the more touristy Pest side in a busy shopping area.

Pest-Buda Bistro (Buda Castle District)

everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

The Buda Castle district is a great area to eat. The atmosphere is fantastic and there are many restaurants in a small area including Jaimie’s Italian which was pretty packed. We were very lucky to get a table at Pest Buda bistro since they were all booked up. We walked in off the street early in the evening which I think is the only reason they let us have a table. It was reserved but we are fairly quick eaters so they squoze us in. Pest Buda Bistro is one of Budapest’s oldest running restaurants. They are known for traditional Hungarian fare.

I ordered the Chicken Paprikash (shown above). It was good but not as flavourful as I was expecting. If you don’t like spicy food this is a safe dish to try.

My husband ordered the goulash and it was fantastic! Not soupy or watered down at all. Just really perfect. I wish I had of got a picture and I really wish I had ordered it for myself.

I did have the best glass of red wine I have ever had at this restaurant. Hungary is actually a wine producing country that doesn’t get as much love as it should apparently! I even kept our receipt to see if I could buy the wine here (sadly no). If you can try the Bukolyi Bikaver when you are in Budapest!

I recommend this restaurant but make sure to get a reservation.

everything we ate in prague vienna budapest

The final dinner we had was at a traditional Beer Hall in Munich. After all the great food we found in the other cities we toured this was a bit of a let down. The pork knuckle was good but not fantastic. I wish we could have gone to something a bit less traditional but the dinner was included. I already feel like we need to do Munich more properly and this meal just solidifies it!

everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

So this is everything we ate in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and beyond. What do you want to eat?

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