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Lime, Navy and a Birthday

October 1, 2017

lime free people scarf

Today is my 39th birthday. My last year of my thirties is upon me and I am ok with that. I don’t sense and impending doom or fear of getting older that comes with turning 40. Ultimately that creeps up on you more that coming with one specific birthday. I am not as flexible as I once was and defintely not as slim. Age is starting to show around my eyes and how I seem to have more aches and pains when even 10 years ago I would have felt none.

free people scarf

All that said 40 really isn’t all that old. Maybe to a 10 year old but as all of us approaching this milestone realize that 40 is really only about half way there. But I am celebrating 39! I have got time! A whole year in fact. So here are 10 things I want to do before I turn 40.

free people scarf zara coat

10 things to do before turning 40

  1. Travel through central Europe – this has been on my want to do list for years. I have been pinning must see locations like Prague, Budapest and Vienna for ages and I can say that this to do is going to be checked off shortly. I can’t wait!
  2. See more of Canada – whether it is day trips from our home to check out towns we have never visited before or more far flung trips like visiting the Maritimes or out West to Alberta; I would love to see more of our great country. Even different cottage towns in the summer in stead of the same old places.
  3. Redecorate our family room – I am currently squished on our one couch with two kids who are getting bigger all the time. No longer toddlers these kids need some space and so do I! We have had the same gross brown couch since my daughter was 8 months and now she is 8 years old. It is time to give this room and update and create more seating for everyone to sit comfortably.
  4. Give the front hall a face lift – I bought a large rug at Target when we moved to this suburban house. But after three years it has seen better days. It is time not only for something different for that reason but also just a punched up change. I want to move this old rug to the mud room that never seems to be used to its full advantage.
  5. Read more – I used to read quite a bit. And not just because once upon a time I was in school. No I mean I love to read. But I never really dedicate much time to it. Watching the Outlander series on TV has reminded me how much I love to read. Seems weird right? But I started that series back in the 90’s and there are still two novels that I haven’t caught up on. It is time.
  6. Spend time with old friends – After University all of us moved to different cities. When we were early in our careers it was easier to get together and keep in touch. Now that we all have kids and those kids have activities it is harder than ever. I want to make an effort this year to get together with old friends. Espeically those that are local and I have less excuses as why we don’t see each other!
  7. Make new friends – One of the blessings of doing the morning school bus run with my kids is seeing all our neighbours. I would love to get to know them better especially since they all for the most part seem really friendly.
  8. Stick with my fitness – I signed up with a personal trainer last week (my cousin in law) and the main motivation behind it is to stick with working out regularly. I am actually really pumped to keep it up because I always feel so much better when I am active.
  9. Give Back – Last year I put together some refugee kits for MCC and it felt like it was something that was really making a difference. I want to do more of that this year.
  10. Take the kids on a plane – My kids keep saying they want to take a trip on an airplane. I really want to sit with them when they are experiencing this for the first time. Travelling with them this year has been so much fun because they are so full of wonder. I think it makes the trip even better.

free people scarf zara wrap coat

Outfit details: Navy Wrap coat Zara (I have already gotten so many compliments!), jeans Everlane (review here), scarf Free People (so soft!), boots Mango (similar to these), bag Opelle.