Convertible Backpack Travel Style

September 14, 2017

I have always seen two purposes for backpacks. One is as a book bag for school. Everyone at one time has used a traditional canvas backpack for lugging their homework back and forth from school.

The other purpose for a backpack is travel. Whether it is hiking or sightseeing or theme parking backpacks come in handy for any sort of travel. I used a quilted backpack while we were at Disney that upped the style factor when carrying our lunches and water and layers. But to be honest most of the time backpacks are just not stylish. Sporting sure but not exactly fashion forward.

I have never been one to choose a leather back pack (don’t even get me started on leather mini backpacks from the 90’s). However a leather convertible backpack has been quite desirable lately. The increased functionality really works for travel when you need a practical bag but also want something that can double as a purse. This is my Convertible Backpack Travel Style. 

convertible backpack travel style

Convertible Backpack Travel Style

  1. Calvin Klein Lianna Convertible Backpack – The tan and black combo is a classic chic look.
  2. Hang Accessories Tech Organizing Convertible Backpack Black – all the zippers on this bag give it an edgy look.
  3. ZAC Zac Posen – Eartha Convertible Backpack  – There is no mistake that this bag is from Zac Posen it has the signature look.
  4. Pearl Convertible Leather Backpack – I really like the shape of this back it is so unique looking.
  5. Tumi Voyageur Nadia Convertible Backpack – Sleek and unassuming this is more practical travel option as opposed to super stylish.
  6. Tumi – Sinclair Odell Convertible Backpack – This option looks more like a fashion forward computer bag as opposed to a purse doubling as a back pack.
  7. ‘Marti – Rose Gold’ Leather Backpack – This Alexander Wang option is super cool. Plus all those pockets would prove really useful.
  8. Ampere Creations Convertible Backpack Crossbody Purse  – This option has more of a handbag look and is another practical looking bag. This is the most affordable of all the options.
  9. Loved Leather Messenger – This is my favourite option of all the bags listed here. The soft leather is gorgeous and I like that it has a bit of the Pandora bag look to it. Comes in many colours. 

Would you carry a convertible bag on your next adventure? I love the idea of having a backpack for sightseeing but more of a purse or tote for the evenings or shopping.