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Underwear Drawer Update

September 10, 2017

I feel like as women we spend so much time finding the perfect bra. One that is supportive and flattering. And it is a full time job because over time the whole support thing starts to degrade. But our underwear don’t get as much attention. Especially the every day stuff. I am guilty of just buying the cheap cotton undies to get through life.

underwear drawer update

The other week there was a sale at Aerie. I haven’t bought any underwear at Aerie in years. Mostly because I felt like I had aged out of their stores. But I had seen their new Real Me line and thought to myself that this is exactly what I needed.

I had a few seamless pairs of Hanes that I was using for work days for a seamless look under trousers. But I didn’t have enough to make it through the WHOLE week and one pair fit totally weird compared to the rest.

Long story short the Aerie Real Me line is fanastic. Even better than what I was using. I also tried out a few other pairs since you had to buy 10 pairs to get the deal. I will share the great finds and the total duds with the Aerie underwear line.

The Hits

Aerie Real ME Boybrief

These are by far my ultimate favourite of all the aerie underwear I tried. They feel so soft and almost like you have nothing on. The waistband is forgiving and the coverage is great. They don’t ride up or become uncomfortable throughout the day. So good you will want them in a few different colours. They also come in a thong style.

Aerie Seamless Boybrief

These were my second favourite. Not quite as lightweight as the real me line but darn close. Not truly seamless because there is a seam at the leg opening. But minimally noticeable under trousers. Also super soft and again I ordered in a few different colours. I prefer the waistband on the Real Me.

The Misses

Aerie Boybrief

These are cute and the stretch cotton is comfy, but there is a weight to these that the other pairs don’t have. Also the waistband is not forgiving like the other styles and as opposed to going with the body cuts against it. These are ok but not rave worthy.

Aerie Logo Boybrief

These are my least favourite of the bunch. The cut is higher on the leg and tends to rid up in a way that you are tugging and adjusting. The band seems at first like it would be better because it is wider but it is not that stretchy so again not as forgiving as the first two options.

So there you have it. Some really great options in the first two to add to your underwear drawer if you looking for new undies.