Get into the Spirit

November 4, 2017

red sweater Christmas outfit

We are one week into November and I have succumbed to all things Christmas. I played some Christmas tunes at work on Friday and quickly tore down all my Halloween decorations. Except for my doormat. I need to figure that out ASAP. I was thinking about this and this as a combo.

red christmas sweater outfit

There is much debate in Canada the last few years about Christmas creep and how it might impact Remembrance Day. I feel like I can wear my poppy and dress Christmassy at the same time. Veterans fought in WWII for our freedom not for someone to tell us what we can and cannot celebrate. I think so long as we keep remembering why those who fought in both world wars fought and continue to appreciate their sacrifice whether we do it decked out in red and plaid makes no difference.

red sweater Christmas outfit

I have been slowly pulling out Christmas decorations out of the basement, but we have also been shopping for a new couch. I feel like either the couches are affordable but not necessarily the most comfortable or they are the price of a used car! Shopping for new family room furniture might take us longer than we thought if we want to get a deal or something that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

red sweater christmas outfit

If there is one thing in my wardrobe that makes me feel like I am in the Christmas spirit more than anything else it is the colour red. I like to have a red sweater that I can wear for more casual Christmas events. Usually I would go to JCREW for this but I have been kind of disappointed with what they have been releasing lately. It isn’t that they haven’t been releasing as much colour lately but nothing red, and more neutral safe shades. I was hoping to get a Chateau Parka this year in red but they didn’t release it in that colour. I am hoping when they bring out their November collection that all my JCREW preppy Christmas wishes come true. The chunky knit I am wearing in these pictures is actually from Zara.

Red sweater Christmas outfit

What I Wore: Red knit hat Joe Fresh (old this is similar), scarf Asos, sweater Zara (similar here or here), stripe turtleneck JCREW, jeans Banana Republic, boots Everlane, bag Chloe (resale options here and here).

red sweater christmas outfit