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Shopping Marks & Spencer from Canada

May 15, 2017

marks and spencer canada

Back when I was a kid there were actual Marks & Spencer stores in Canada. I remember going to the mall with my mom and it was one of the stores we had to visit. When I was in University it pulled out of Canada all together, just a few years before Eatons was shuttered. Actually those years actually remind me quite a bit of what is going on right now in retail with stores closing left and right.

I don’t even know how I came to be browsing the M&S website but I realized quickly that there was quite a bit of cute stuff to shop and that they have made it super easy for Canadians to shop. 

marks and spencer canada

I picked out this midi broderie dress. While I wish the neckline was a bit more open I like the detail and how the waist is a bit higher than my waist. The dress is all cotton which is my go to for summer. Usually I would go for white but I think black is a great alternative.

marks and spencer broderie dress

Marks and Spencer makes it super easy to shop. First there is free tracked shipping over $50. This is huge for an international retailer. Usually I expect this for shipping within Canada but it is even better when I can get it form shopping overseas. On top of this there are no hidden fees. Their prices already include taxes and duties. I wish all stores did this! It makes for a much more open shopping experience because you aren’t going to be blindsided by expensive duties or taxes as you are going to check out.

marks and spencer broderie dress

Outfit details: Leather jacket Mango (old but this or this is similar), Broderie Dress Marks & Spencer, wedge heels Michael Kors (old), clutch Antik Batik.

I wasn’t surprised by all the outpouring of memories of other people on instagram who grew up popping into M&S. So may of them were definitely going to check it out online. These are some more of my favourite items.

Would you shop Marks & Spencer now that they have made it super easy?