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Everlane The Heel Boot Review

March 12, 2017

everlane the heel boot review

You know that search that seems to go on forever. For that perfect sleek but still walkable black boot. That go with everything boot that is your go to closet saviour? I seem to collect black boots. There always seems to be something to improve upon to justify another pair. Everlane has got me really excited with their block heel boot though. I was sent a pair for review and there is so much that is right with the design I just might be able to stop looking for another pair. This is my Everlane The Heel Boot Review.


everlane the heel boot review

Everlane The Heel Boot Review

Just like their loafers, Everlane’s Heel Boot is made in Italy. It has a very walkable 2 inch heel. The shape of the heel also adds to the walkability factor. I am much more interested in spending money on a good boot that I can dance for hours in or walk for blocks in and not get sore feet. This is worth it’s weight in gold.

The leather is soft and knowing how my loafers only got softer with wear I know that these boots will only get better with age. That is of course the difference between a quality leather boot and one that is lined with plastic. The Everlane boots will mold to your foot, working with it’s shape as opposed to fighting against it.

Everlane’s Heel Boot also has ample cushioning on the heel to increase the comfort factor.

What I love most about this boot is the shape. It is the perfect pointed toe boot without being too pointy. The almond shape is so flattering. It is sleek enough for your weekend looks but also not too edgy for the office.

The easy pull on style is more reminiscent of a Chealsea boot. I don’t know why but I find the elastic more easy going and fresher than zippers.

Sizing is similar to other Everlane shoes I have tried like the Modern Loafer and the Modern Point. You need to go up half a size from the size you usually wear. If you have a range of sizes, choose a half size up from the larger end of the spectrum. The shoes do fit narrow so if you stick with your usual size I think you will be disappointed with the fit. everlane the heel boot review

The price point for these boots is really reasonable especially considering that for the same price you would be getting a pair of boots that might be leather or might not. They would be definitely be lined with some sort of man made materials instead of leather. Leather gives and along with a better fit it will be easier on your feet. Expect fewer blisters, more comfort from the Everlane Heel Boot.

There are two black boots and one tan colour plus a number of suede options (loving the light grey) in the same style. I picked the black with natural wood heel because I like the contrast. If you are into all black and only black you can have that too!

Which Everlane Heel Boot do you prefer?

  • Vicky
    March 13, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    These boots are gorgeous! Was there a breaking-in period? I saw on their website the same boots as yours, but with a black heel. Sometimes I really like the look of the contrasting brown, but other times I like the sleek all black look. It would be so hard to choose b/w the two! Have you ever tried their ‘street shoes’? I plan to treat myself this spring and upgrade my white leather vans.

    • jane@chiceverywhere.com
      March 13, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      There wasn’t much of a break period. I wore them around the grocery store the first day I bought them and could barely tell they were new shoes. I felt the same with my loafers from Everlane too, there was minimal break in period. The leather just conforms to your feet. I haven’t tried the street shoes, just the street sandal. The soles are so light!