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10 Must Have Doormats

January 15, 2017

January is all about starting fresh and renewal. It is also a time when we put all the Christmas decorations we have had up for the last month away. If you are anything like me this process makes my house feel a bit empty; like all of a sudden something is missing. This is when I start to really noticing where my home decor is lacking. A new fresh doormat is one of the places that could use a refresh. I have rounded up my 10 must have doormats for some seriously good choice. In fact I might have to update my front and back door!10 must have doormats, welcome mat, outdoor mat

10 Must Have Doormats

  1. Home & More Natural/Black Script Hello Doormat – I love the script on this doormat. There aren’t choices in size for this option but it does come in red if you are looking for something festive. I would be tempted to layer this over an outdoor mat for some more coverage. 
  2. Doormat / Welcome Mat Personalized with single Custom initial Monogram – I love the minimalist and classic look of this doormat. Just your family initial is a great personalization option.
  3. Personalized Door Mat – “Southard” Style – Another great personalized option. I wouldn’t want too long of a name on this mat although I do find that esty sellers are really good about working with you. I bet if you asked for a larger sized doormat to accommodate your name they would do their best to work with you.
  4. Creative Accents Single Picture Black Frame Heavy Duty Coir Doormat – This has the same look as the previous mat but it isn’t personalized. It has a nice traditional look but no information is given out about the family within at the front door.
  5. Doormat / Welcome Mat Personalized custom initial Monogram – Have you noticed a theme? I really like this style. The reason I picked out this one is that you can pick whatever initial you want.
  6. Hello doormat welcome mat – If you want to say hello but don’t want to have it large and in your face. Or alternatively if you want to say bonjour!
  7. Alpine Neighbor Door Mat | Washable Indoor/Outdoor Low Profile Doormat – Not all doors can accommodate a thick mat. I like that this one is low profile and still has some style. Not one of those functional industrial mats.
  8. Cordova Boot Tray – this is being billed as a boot tray but it would totally work as a large door mat.
  9. Picnic Outdoor Rug, Black – Outdoor rugs are another way to have a low profile door mat. Or to layer one of the above mats over this one with stripes for some added visual interest.

I am really excited about what my front door, heck even my back door could look like with just some simple tweaks like picking up a new mat.

I am also considering DIYing a version of these. Most of the Etsy sellers are out of the US and if they ship to Canada the shipping is outrageous. I get why, doormats are heavy. This mat would work as a base and the rest of the supplies could be easily found at a craft store. I sense a DIY Try coming on!