Clothing Different Ways

One of the best things that has come from style blogging has been learning the skill to rethink the clothing in my closet and wear them different ways.

Because when I used to go to an office everyday I was just like you, I would wear the same clothing in the same outfits every week.

But there is this pressure to post NEW outfits on the blog every week. And I can’t be buying new things ALL THE TIME. So I had to rethink what is in my closet and create different outfits with what I had.

In fact I have been complimented on this skill and how it is one of the things people like about this blog!

So I decided to create a collection of outfits so that you can find these remixed items all in one place.

Clothing Different Ways

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Transition Season


Light Wash Jeans

White Jeans

Print Mixing

Valentine’s Day Outfits


Floral Blazer 5 Ways


Red Pants 5 Ways

Printed Pants 5 Ways



Buffalo Plaid Coat 3 Ways

Trench Coat 7 Ways

Camo Print 5 Ways (pants & coat featured)

outfit remix, how to wear clothing different waysI have remixed everything from leather jackets to printed pants, shorts and white jeans. Taking one item and turning it on its head wearing it differently again and again gives you style confidence and keeps you from getting bored with your wardrobe.

Any questions about easy tips on wearing clothing different ways? Leave them in the comments below!


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