Building a Remixable Work Wardrobe

Whether you are heading back into an office setting after some time off with your kids, starting a new job or your first job in a corporate setting there are plenty of reasons for looking to build, or rebuild your work wardrobe.

This series will take you through all the thought processes I too am going through right now as I refocus my attention on professional clothing.

My hope is to steer you (and myself) in such a way that we rethink what is already in our closet before we go and buy into every trend or looking for a new item to breath life into our office wardrobes. If there is one thing that I have learned from putting my outfits on the internet is that we have alot more outfits in out closet than we think!

I know in my former life at the office (before 2 kids) I often had certain outfits that I only wore one way, week in, week out. In fact I often wore my favourite outfit on Monday, semi casual on Thursday and something with denim on Friday.

This time around I am going to do better, with fewer pieces I will create more outfits.

Here’s how I will go about building a remixable work wardrobe.

Part 1: Assess What you Have

Part 2: Determine your Style

Part 3: Work Wardrobe Essentials

Part 4: Remixing Lessons

building a remixable work wardrobe


I recommend going through each step in order as each part builds upon the next and will help you assess where you need to focus your time building a remixable work wardrobe. I was surprised when I went through the steps myself what items can make more outfit options and as a result were a better wardrobe investment.

Hope you have fun working through the steps to build your best work wardrobe.

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