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Everlane Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck review

February 19, 2018
everlane luxe wool turtleneck review

I mentioned in my last Everlane review that I have been particularly into wearing turtlenecks lately. And that in addition to the Cashmere turtleneck I also ordered a different style, one I was much less sure of but wanted to try nonetheless. This is my Everlane Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck review. Everlane Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck review Luxe wool is Everlane speak for merino wool. This is a…

What I wore

How to Wear Mules

February 17, 2018
how to wear mules

Mules were the breakout shoes of last summer. I have a strong feeling they are going to continue to be popular for 2018. The Gucci slides are still seen on all the style stars even through the cold months. Knockoffs abound too but I find I am drawn to pointier, sleeker styles. I personally like how they work well for the office and for weekend when I want…

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It is still winter

February 14, 2018
navy winter outfit

We have had a massive amount of snow this year and while that is great for skiing and tobogganing it isn’t really great for outfits. It could just be that I am a bit bored with what I have in terms of winter clothes. It is that time of year that I feel in a rut but it is almost impossible break out of without heading to a…


What NOT to wear touring Cathedrals

February 11, 2018
what not to wear touring cathedrals, churches in europe

When you are planning your next European vacation keep in mind what sites you will be visiting. Churches and cathedrals bring their own unique set of wardrobe challenges. Touring in the off season might be ideal to avoid many of the wardrobe pitfalls that befall many tourists. But high season for many European vacations is during the summer hot months. Which means we are choosing to wear shorts…

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Which Pom Pom Slides are YOU?

February 9, 2018
pom pom slides

I love an embellished sandals. But this summer I am thinking pom pom slides are in order. These mules have a very boho vibe but work as a versatile option that could go with dresses, trousers and jeans. I picked out two pairs of pom pom slides that at this point are my favourites but are also at two different price points. At the high end are the…

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Olympic Team Clothing; PyeongChang 2018

February 7, 2018
olympic team clothing pyeongchang 2018

The Winter Olympics are back and starting in just a couple of days. After all the controversy of the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil it will be interesting to follow what is going on in South Korea beyond the team standings! I do follow the Winter Olympics more closely than summer. Partially because Canada tends to fair betting in the events but also because I personally am more…

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Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck Review

February 5, 2018
everlane cashmere turtleneck review

This winter I have been all about turtlenecks. I was watching old episodes of Alias (season 3) and I was loving the classic minimal looks Melissa George was wearing. Many of them included a turtleneck sweater under a jacket. Think Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in the 90’s with the sleek hair, turtleneck and a modern flare jean. These outfits are timeless and could easily work for the decades they…


Weekly Round Up 3

February 3, 2018
los cabos view

I missed doing an update last week. Too many things going on during the weekend to stop and recap! My daughter and I drove over to Yorkdale as part of her birthday festivities and I found these loafers  at Nordstrom. They didn’t have them in the snake leather in my size. I was going to just give up and order online when I found out two things. One…

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Winter Athleisure

February 2, 2018
winter athleisure

I have noticed that most of what passes as athleisure is skewed to more warm weather or indoor only styles. Very few of the looks that get shown would work in winter beyond running from the car to the gym. I wanted share some real winter athleisure outfits that would work for someone who actually wanted to spend some time outside. In the SNOW. This is my ideal…


Everything we ate in Prague, Vienna, Budapest

January 29, 2018
everything we ate in prague, vienna, budapest

Part of travelling to a new country is trying new foods. Dishes and drinks that we don’t have at home. I had a delicious red wine, yummy desserts and so many meals that I would recommend. This is everything we ate in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and our other tour stops along the way.  Everything We Ate in Prague Vienna Budapest I have mentioned before that when we arrived in…