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Olympic Team Clothing; PyeongChang 2018

February 7, 2018

The Winter Olympics are back and starting in just a couple of days. After all the controversy of the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil it will be interesting to follow what is going on in South Korea beyond the team standings! I do follow the Winter Olympics more closely than summer. Partially because Canada tends to fair betting in the events but also because I personally am more interested in the winter events like skiing, Hockey and skating. I also love to see what all the teams are wearing. I have rounded up my favourites from the Olympic Team Clothing PyeongChang 2018. 

olympic team clothing pyeongchang 2018

This year the Olympic clothing is less preppy and classic and more sporty and atheleisure inspired on both Team Canada and Team USA. I threw in a few of the Roots Canada items. Even though they haven’t been producing the Team Canada clothing since 2005 they do Canadiana really well and their sweatshirts although not official Olympic gear are really good.

Shop Team Canada and Team USA:

  1. Canadian Olympic Team Collections Red Mittens – These are the 2018 Red Mittens that are so famous for supporting team Canada.
  2. Canadian Olympic Team Collection Mountain Top Tuque with faux fur pom pom – I really like these team canada tuques. The large faux fur poms make them look really current and so much cooler than the USA versions. The chevron pattern also looks pretty chic. The hats are super affordable at under $30 CAD.
  3. Heritage Script Full Zip Hoody – Roots hoodies are pretty much the best. This one has badges for skating and curling and Canada. It is kind of like a cross between girl guide badges and souveniers from a road trip. It works though believe me! Comes in red or black and white.
  4. Ralph Lauren Team USA Custom hat – This 100% wool hat is fully customizable. Instead of NAME you can choose what you want on your hat! Pretty cool option but this hat is more than 6 times more expensive than the Canadian options.
  5. Ralph Lauren Team USA Merino Wool Mittens – These are my favourite team USA item. They are partriotic without being tacky. Can’t say the same about this hoodie.
  6. Ralph Lauren Team USA Wool Blend Fair Isle sweater – A classic looking sweater in red white and blue.
  7. Canadian Olympic Team Collection Women’s Opening ceremony parka – ok if I am honest I wouldn’t choose to buy this coat because of the big CANADA across the front, but I really like the shape.
  8. Canadian Olympic Team Collection Red Mittens – I actually prefer these classic red and white Canadiana mittens over the ones with black.
  9. Canadian Olympic Team Collection I Heart Canada Pom Pom Tuque – Loving this tuque! I heart Canada too 🙂
  10. Ralph Lauren Team USA Tote – I feel like this is kind of the cop out item. Like you went somewhere on vacation and brought back a lame tee. But this tote would work great for a beach vacation or the gym so it is really functional.
  11. Cooper Kanga Canada Hoodie – This is my favourite Canada hoodie that Roots makes. IT is a bit retro 80s in the font and very Canadiana with the Beaver! I also think it looks more youthful and cool compared to the official merchandise which is more sporty.
  12. Ralph Lauren Team USA half zip pullover – I feel like this is very Americana. I can totally see the ski team wearing this or in the summer a rowing team. I don’t know why that is just who I picture wearing this top!

Overall I prefer the Team Canada items this year. They are way more affordable and more fun. I picked the more preppy items from the Team USA collection. There are some more loud items that I am kind of surprised Ralph Lauren designed to be honest.

Which team are you supporting? Do you like the Olympic team clothing that has been released this year for your team?

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