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Winter Parka Outfit

January 21, 2018

winter parka outfit, faux fur parka style

I have spent so much time trying to tell you all that this parka is a must have and the last time I shared it was back in October. This is one of my most worn coats this year. I love the beautiful faux fur. It is so soft and the colour is beautiful.

winter parka outfit, faux fur parka style

I have tried a few times to share this outfit on Instagram and I think Instagram hates me. I think I have been shadow banned because I am not up to date on the latest way to post there. Basically I can see myself posting there less and less. I love to blog here but Instagram has become too hard to keep up with in terms of sharing content. I used to get so much more engagement whereas the last few weeks I don’t see anything. I think it is time for an Insta vacation. The thing about it is I get very little payback from Instagram as it is. I get more traffic from Google and Pinterest and zero from Instagram. I really feel like I am wasting my time there but feel the pressure to be on there posting. Lets face it this blog is not my full time job so does it really matter if I am posting on Instagram? Do you follow me there? Or are you more likely to come from the weekly newsletter or a feed reader?

Winter Parka Outfit, faux fur parka style

Back to this parka. The hood is so fantastic. There have been really cold days where I have stood at the bus stop waiting for the kids to come with the hood up and I can’t feel the frigid cold. Which is exactly what I need sometimes.

The other great thing about this coat is that everything is fully removable. You can remove the fur trim around the hood if you want. You can also remove the faux fur lining so you are left with just a spring parka. Really three jackets in one. And the coat is on sale!

winter parka outfit, faux fur parka style

Outfit details: Parka Mango (on sale!) grey cashmere turtleneck Everlane, jeans JCREW, Hat Asos, Boots Everlane (reviewed here), bag Alexander Wang (resale here) , perfect lipstick shade for this parka > NARS Vera.

Are you still picking up rad sale finds?