What to Pack for Prague in Fall

January 16, 2018

Prague was the on place that I felt like I got the packing list right for when we went on our Cosmos tour last fall. The temperatures were as described and it meant that everything in my suitcase worked for not only the tour we went on but also for the weather. We traveled to Prague in mid October and the temperatures were cool in the mornings (around 7 degrees) and warmed up to the mid teens by the afternoons. That was until a few days later when a heat wave hit and all of a sudden the sweaters and coats I packed were obsolete. Still I learned a valuable packing lesson during that trip. This is What to Pack for Prague in Fall. 

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What to Pack for Prague in Fall

  1. Zoe Wool Fedora – a wide brim hat is a great option for cool rainy days when you are sight seeing but also want to stay out of the rain. Sure you could carry an umbrella but then you don’t have two hands for picture taking!
  2. Embroidered Striped Sweater –  long sleeve tees are a must pack. Tops like this (these o
  3. Colleen Cashmere Hat – I packed a beanie as a just in case item. For cool mornings sightseeing it came in handy and doesn’t take up very much space. 
  4. nes exactly) made up the bulk of what I packed. They layer nicely under coats or sweaters. I packed enough long sleeve tees for every day we were away.
  5. The Wool-Cashmere Waffle Square Crew – don’t fill your suitcase with sweaters. I packed two and really could have gotten away with just one, since it wasn’t so cold that I needed a sweater and a coat. Still sweaters are more comfortable on travel days when you spend time on a train or bus getting from a to z.
  6. Surrey Hooded Rain Slicker – One of the two coats I packed was a rain coat. It came in handy when it was warmer and I needed a lighter coat and for rainy days. Also found here with more colour options.
  7. Wide lapel wool-blend coat – I also packed a wool coat. I find wool coats are more stylish than simply a sweater and you can add as many or as few layers as you need for the day. A light wool coat is perfect for a cool fall day. 
  8. rag & bone – Cropped High-rise Straight-leg Jeans – Jeans are a must pack for me. I want to be comfortable sight seeing and that means cool denim. I don’t subscribe to the need for special travel pants. Maybe if you are going to be living out of a suitcase for a month but I think it is more important to be comfortable and feel confident in what I am wearing. If you are planning on dinners at some more upscale places perhaps having trousers or a dress on hand would be necessary. For how we travel denim is ok for a day touring and dinners too. 
  9. Zero Gravity Stay Blue Skinny Ankle Jean – When we were on our tour I packed 3 pairs of denim. Two blue pairs and a dark grey pair. This allowed me to mix and match what I had packed to create a few different signature looks with what I packed.
  10. Whisper Cotton Crewneck Tee in Creston Stripe – When the temperatures started climbing later in our tour and we had 20 degree days I was thankful that I packed so many tshirts. These whisper cotton ones are so soft I have a few in my closet.
  11. “Love first” T-shirt – cool slogan tees look cute under a jacket.
  12. Jetsetter Convertible Nylon Backpack – when I was in Prague I used a small cross body which carried my phone and a few other essentials. My husband had the backpack and carried the cameras, our food and water or pop. He always seemed to be weighed down. Next time we travel I am going to use a convertible back pack. This will allow me to have more of a purse when I want one and still have a stylish bag when it is in back pack form.
  13. ‘Yale’ Chelsea Boot – The one thing I can stress is wearing comfortable shoes when travelling. Some of the women on our tour just wore ridiculous shoes. I am not sure if they didn’t expect to do any walking or that is just what they had. I comfortable pair of stylish black boots (I have these and I can vouch for them) are pretty much all you need. But I like to have a pair of sneakers too and switch them out to avoid blisters. 
  14. Grey And Pink Reversible Scarf – I pack at least one scarf for a number of different reasons. Of course it is great for cold mornings when travelling in the fall but also for cold planes. I couldn’t survive the overnight flight without a cozy scarf!
  15. Sk8-Hi 46 MTE DX Sneaker – a cool and comfortable sneaker is a must when traveling. With all the walking you need something that will cushion your feet. These high tops are not only cool but also are weather resistant so if you get caught in the rain your feet won’t get wet. 
  16. Round Cat Eye Sunglasses – sunglasses are a must for a trip where you spend the whole day wandering around outside. These red ones are too cool.

This packing list for what to pack for Prague in fall is perfect for mid to late fall where the temperatures are cooler maxing out at the low to mid teens with no humidity. What are you packing for Prague?