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The perfect fall red

September 22, 2017

orangey red for fall

I have become a bit obsessed with the orangey red colour this season. That perfect colour that isn’t exactly pumpkin orange but more the shade of turning leaves. It is a shade that screams FALL.

orangey red sweater fall outfit

It may be cliche but I am ready for some real fall weather. We have been having more summer weather in the past two weeks than we have had all of July and August. Still I hate to complain about warm weather when in a few months it will be so cold and dreary we will be wishing for a late summer resurgence.

orangey red fall sweater

The last few outfits I have taken with this jacket I never ended up posting here. There was just something off about the combination. This however is spot on. I love this orangey red and brown together. Even the burgundy bag just works. It makes me wish I had more of this sort of combination to work with. In fact I have had my eye on this sweater.

orangey red sweater fall outfit

Outfit details: Jacket BlankNYC, sweater JCREW (similar colour), jeans JCREW, boots Everlane (reviewed here), bag Opelle.

Are you looking forward to a fall cool down? Or are you savouring these hot days?