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Silk Scarf Outfit

June 11, 2017

Lately I have been in awe of the girls who can pull off a silk scarf outfit. The ones who look elegant and chic. Not like an old lady who has a formula. They take modern outfits and tie the silk scarf elevating their look from every day to something I want to copy asap. The problem is most of my silk scarves are too small to tie the way shown below. I need an upgrade for my silk scarf outfit asap.

silk scarf outfit

Shop the scarves to create your silk scarf outfit

  1. Phesa Floral Scarf – one of the most affordable options on this list. I love the blue tones in this scarf.
  2. Silk neckerchief Balenciaga – If you are looking for designer silk scarves resale is the way to go. This one is a quarter of the original price. When tied all those flowers would make a pretty statement.
  3. Silk twill tree of life scarf – the pattern in this option is amazing!
  4. Printed silk-satin scarf – Love the vibrant blue in this option. Off priced retailers offer another affordable way to snap up designer silk scarves.
  5. ‘going places’ silk scarf – I am always terrible at buying souvenirs. But a scarf like this doubles as something I want to wear and a reminder of a place visited!
  6. Printed silk-satin twill scarf – the print on this one just screams Versace to me!
  7. Silk neckerchief – I am amazed by the intricate patterns on these scarves. So beautiful.
  8. St. Piece Florestine Large Floral Silk Twill Scarf, White – the only scarf posted with so much white but it makes the butterfiles pop.
  9. Hermes Silk scarf – I feel like an Hermes silk scarf is the holy grail of all silk scarves. This one is designer resale so the price is more reasonable. The print is so whimsical!
  10. Valentino – Printed Silk-twill Scarf – Orange – this might be my second favourite in the list. The orange and the tropical flowers just works.
  11. Liberty London Epiphany Floral Silk Satin Scarf,Gray/Multicolor – Love the purple paisley! This one screams fall to me.
  12. Telsa Scarf – another affordable option like the first but with more colour variation.

What do you think? I wear so many scarves when it is colder I think that these silk scarves are a great way to keep the scarf look going through warmer months. Plus they are more elegant than anything else I am wearing!

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