What to pack for Vacation

February 28, 2017

One of my favourite problems to solve is what to pack for vacation. Bathing suits and summer dresses and sandals. All the clothes that are hiding at the back of your closet through the colder months can be pulled out of storage. Of course if your vacation is somewhere colder you might want to know what to pack for a ski trip. OR if you are heading to Europe you might want to know what to pack for Europe in Spring. But if you are heading somewhere warm this is what to pack for vacation.

what to pack for vacation

What to Pack for Vacation:

  1. Dark Blue Striped Shirt dress – I like the idea of taking a shirt dress on vacation because it feels breezy. Wear it one night for dinner and then wear it again as a cover-up, without doing up as many buttons of course!
  2. Santorini Swimsuit – I love the colour block design of this swim suit. I actually ordered this one for myself. I usually pack at least 3 swim suits when I go on vacation so that I have options so that I am never putting on a wet bathing suit.
  3. Black & White Bobble Shopper Bag – a beach bag is a must for vacation. I always fill mine with towels, sunscreen and my Kobo.
  4. Printed bandeau bikini – I like to pack bandeau style bathing suits so I can minimize tan lines. Even halter style bathing suits are great since you can until the neck while you are laying out and then retie whilst you are swimming or going for lunch. 
  5. Floppy Sun Hat – A big hat is a must for me. As much as I love the sun I don’t want to get too much. Wondering how to pack a hat? Check out this guide.
  6. Oscar Cotton-twill Shorts – Army green – while my vacation wardrobe usually revolves around dresses it is good to have at least one pair of shorts for excursions or sports. Or just for those days that you don’t want to wear a dress.
  7. Stripe Dress – I love the sleeeve on this dress. It gives us a good reason to invest in another stripe dress! It also makes a simple shift that much more special. I usually pack 5 dresses for a 7 day vacation.
  8. Stripe Tunic Cover Up – Cover ups are another necessity. Not just to warm up after a swim but to cover up for lunch or for washroom breaks. I usually pack a few different options as cover ups tend to get wet and sweaty so I like to switch them out.
  9. Zola Sandals – I am not big on packing heels on vacation but I do love a really cool flat. I find resorts so big and cobblestones hard to walk on so heels tend to become a hindrance.
  10. Rhea suede espadrilles – the other pair of shoes that always seem to  make it into my suitcase are a pair of wedge espadrilles. I pack 3 pairs of shoes for vacation. I would probably add a cool pair of sneakers to this list.
  11. Vacation tee – what says vacation more than a vacation tee? I make sure to have about 5 tees, they come in handy plus you need to have something t wear home on the plane.

In addition to this list I would pack vacation toiletries. Since we usually pack a full suitcase for a week vacation I also pack our own beach towels as they make it easier to pick out our beach chairs. You also need an airport outfit.

What is always on your vacation packing list?