My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

June 11, 2015

top 5 pink lipsticks, best pink lipsticks

I realized the other day that I had collected a number of pink lipsticks and I thought you might be interested in my Top 5 Pink Lipsticks. Each is special in it’s own way with the first shade being a my lips only better shade and the last being a more shocking hot pink.

I always love how the bold shades show up in pictures but on an everyday basis I am more apt to wear a more subtle shade. Still big sunglasses and a pop of colour on your lips is a no fail way to make it though the school run in my opinion.

I will be going through the shades from left to right according to the arm swatch below.

best pink lipsticks, top 5 pink lipsticks

Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

1. Dolce Vita – the first two swatches are Nars Dolce Vita. They are the Velvet Matte pencil and the lipstick respectively. I prefer to lip and fill my lips with the pencil which is more matte and you get more colour pop this way. Then go over with the lipstick which is more sheer to finish it off. This shade is a your lips only better pink and is great for a no make up make up look.

2. Rose Taffetas – The next shade is Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Taffetas. I LOVE the formulation of these lipsticks. Great pigmentation and so creamy. I also wore this shade in this post which gives you a better idea of how lovely this shade of soft pink really is. I still think this would be a great shade for a bride on her wedding day and is another great shade for day or if you are going to play up your eye makeup.

3. Natalie – This next pink is from the Nars Audacious line. It is a punchier shade described as a pinky coral. I would say it is more on the pink side with a touch of coral. Personally this is a shade I would wear on the regular as it brightens up the face and is just a bright fun colour.

4. Rose Dentelle – This shade is another Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick. It is darker (obviously!) than Rose Taffetas, described as a deep rose and is another your lips only better shade. Compared to Dolce Vita it is more of a punched up version of my lips, very close but slightly darker and more pigmented better version of my lips. If you look below Rose Dentelle and Natalie look very similar but Natalie is more corally where as Rose Dentelle is what the name suggests more rosey.

5. Schiap – I feel like Nars Schiap was the hot colour when I was starting out with outfit posts. Every blogger was wearing it. It is a bold shade but you can see from the last picture it really brightens up the face. It is more a cool blue tone hot pink and is very matte.

top 5 pink lipsticks, best pink lipstick

Ok that is my roundup of my Top 5 Pink Lipsticks. What shade of pink do you like best?