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The Boathouse Restaurant Review

February 19, 2017

When I was researching restaurants to try while at Disney the Boathouse was one I was drawn to right away. It has all the feel of a traditional Florida restaurant. It serves seafood, it is on the water, everything needed for a dinner out. This is the Boathouse Restaurant review.

the boathouse restaurant review

The Boathouse restaurant is located at Disney Springs. This means you can hop on the Disney Bus from your resort and you don’t have to worry about traffic or parking. In fact Disney Springs is an event to explore on its own with a mixture of entertainment, shopping and restaurants. We made sure to stop at the biggest Disney Store, watch the hot air balloons and just wander before we had dinner.  Continue Reading…

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6 blouses that will make you wish for Spring

January 31, 2017

Every year at the end of January stores start pushing spring merchandise and I shake my head. Winter doesn’t really leave my part of Canada until the end of March if we are lucky, if we are unlucky it could still snow in May. So looking at clothes that I can’t even really conceive of wearing for at least 4 months seems so pointless. Sure if I was heading off on a warm weather vacation I would be thankful for the selection but right now it all just feels like wishful thinking. And yet here I am looking at blouses that will get me through the heat of July at the end of January. These 6 must have spring blouses have me wishing for temperatures where I can layer these pretty tops with slim trousers and a light jacket, not under a parka and a sweater.

6 must have spring blouses

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Buffalo Plaid Outfit

January 30, 2017

buffalo plaid outfit, buffalo check coat

I feel like I have been sharing quite a bit of neutral looks lately so I wanted to switch things up. This buffalo plaid coat is almost as old as this blog. It was one of the first things I featured in an old series called Three Things I want. What I like about this coat and the reason it hasn’t been sent to the thrift after so many years is that buffalo plaid seems to feel fresh again every fall.

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Shades of Camel

January 29, 2017

long camel coat, mackage babie coat

When I first got this coat I was thinking that it was perfectly neutral and it would go with everything. Everything but my lucious camel coloured scarf. So I was constantly putting other scarves with this coat until one day I got a bit lazy and paired this scarf with this coat anyways. Turns out it totally works.  Continue Reading…


Best Shoes for Travel

January 26, 2017

Nothing can ruin a day sightseeing more than an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The best shoes for travel will be equally stylish and comfortable. The best shoes for travel have to be able to handle a full day of walking, cobblestones and handle the weather at hand.

best shoes for travel

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What to pack for Europe in Spring

January 24, 2017

While right now everyone is dreaming of sunny beaches in a few months Europe is going to look like the perfect vacation. Soaking up culture and famous skylines. Travelling to Europe in spring and fall is desirable not just for the temperatures but also for the prices. Off season is the best season if you are looking for affordable travel. This is what to pack for Europe in Spring.

what to pack for Europe in spring

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50’s Prime Time Cafe Review

January 23, 2017

Comfort food. Sometimes all you want after a long day at the parks is a good meal at home. That is kind of the idea of the idea of of Disney Hollywood Studios 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Only it is set in the 1950’s and mom will tell you to get you elbows off the table. Be prepared to clear your plate and not just because the cast members expect it of you. The food is that good folks. This is my 50’s Prime Time Cafe Review.

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DIY Grapevine Ball

January 18, 2017

I was trolling through Pinterest before Christmas and found these Christmas light balls that looked so amazing. I started looking into how to make them. The ones I originally saw were made with chicken wire, which was fine but I didn’t have any on hand. I did however have plenty of grapevines. We back onto a forest and a number of the trees are crawling with grapevines. Since I know that grapevines can be damaging to the trees I decided to do the city a favour and start pulling off the grapevines to create my own DIY Grapevine Balls.

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What I wore

Long Camel Coat

January 16, 2017

long camel coat, mackage babie

If you are following me on instagram you might have already known that I broke down and bought my dream coat. I have been looking for a maxi length camel coat and the Mackage Babie coat is IT. 

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Home Decor

10 Must Have Doormats

January 15, 2017

January is all about starting fresh and renewal. It is also a time when we put all the Christmas decorations we have had up for the last month away. If you are anything like me this process makes my house feel a bit empty; like all of a sudden something is missing. This is when I start to really noticing where my home decor is lacking. A new fresh doormat is one of the places that could use a refresh. I have rounded up my 10 must have doormats for some seriously good choice. In fact I might have to update my front and back door!10 must have doormats, welcome mat, outdoor mat

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