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What I wore

Check Coat

January 15, 2018
next signature check coat

I have been cyber stalking this coat since before Christmas. First I wasn’t sure due to the price but then I found out it already included any duties and taxes and then I changed my mind. Then it was sold out in my size. I spent time going back and forth about ordering a different size but then decided against that option. I thought about ordering the grey…

What I wore

Wearing Red after Christmas

January 10, 2018
wearing red after christmas

I like to wear red. For me it is a happy colour and is a colour that I can wear well. But I tend to over do it wearing all the red during the lead up and over the Christmas Holidays. There are a number of different things I do differently when I am wearing red after the holidays. I don’t wear red with plaid or with green…

What I wore

I like Big Hats

January 8, 2018
big faux fur zara hat

The Zara sales are a great place to find gems that you might not know for sure you want to spend full price on. Like this faux fur hat. I saw it when I was shopping at Christmas but wasn’t really sure about it, but on sale I gave it a whirl. I will admit that the hat is big. And it will be something that I will…

What I wore

Classics upgraded

January 5, 2018
camel coat, camo scarf

I have been trying to get this outfit up since last year. Or rather to photograph this camel coat and the camo scarf combo that I have been wearing quite a bit. I do wish that the camo scarf was a tad longer. I do prefer the blanket scarves to the more rectangular ones as they are easier to tie in a more flattering way. The camel coat…

What I wore

New Year New Outfit

January 1, 2018
soia & kyo grey wrap coat

Happy New Year! It has been pretty quiet around here as I chose to take it easy on the blog over the Christmas Holidays. Taking it easy turned into just not working on this space at all while we visited family and friends over the last 7 days. I hope that you are feeling recharged and ready to go for the New Year! I didn’t really do much…

What I wore

Popular posts from 2017

December 21, 2017
most popular posts of 2017

Continuing with rounding up the year I thought I would recap the most popular posts from 2017. These are the most popular posts published in 2017. Some of my all time most trafficked posts are actually much older like my Orfus Road post , this DIY or my Everlane Loafer Review or my packing guide for Cuba. Those post have been popular year after year bringing people here but…

What I wore

Best Purchases of 2017

December 15, 2017
best of 2017 chiceverywhere

I thought it might be useful to you for me to do a recap of my most worn clothing. The items I bought in 2017 an they continue to be favourites that I reach for regularly. The things I buy in multiples and look to replace when they wear out. These are my best purchases of 2017.  I bought this Mackage Babie coat in January 2017. The shape…

What I wore

JCREW Nordic Boots Review

December 10, 2017
jcrew nordic boots

JCREW Nordic Boots Review I should have gotten this post up sooner as these boots are seriously hard to find right now. With all the sales going on through November people seem to have had the same idea as me, snap these up while you can! I have been suffering through the really cold days with boots that might work for warmer winters south of the border, but…

What I wore

Wearing all the Plaid

December 4, 2017
plaid jw anderson uniqlo trench

This past weekend I drove into Toronto to return some of my black friday purchases that didn’t work out. While I was at the mall I thought I would check out Uniqlo to see if I could still snag the JW Anderson collab trench. I felt like it would be the perfect pop of plaid to lead into Christmas! I was pumped to find this JW Anderson Plaid…

What I wore

Everlane Italian GoWeave Easy Pant Review

November 30, 2017
everlane italian goweave easy pant review

I think everyone has searched for those black trousers that marry a professional look with comfort for a full day at the office. A pair of black pants that you would willingly wear after hours or on the weekend even if you don’t have to. I wouldn’t usually choose an elastic waist pair of pants. But after finding success in the summer with a great pair of elastic…