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What I wore

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What I wore

The perfect fall red

September 22, 2017
orangey red sweater fall outfit

I have become a bit obsessed with the orangey red colour this season. That perfect colour that isn’t exactly pumpkin orange but more the shade of turning leaves. It is a shade that screams FALL. It may be cliche but I am ready for some real fall weather. We have been having more summer weather in the past two weeks than we have had all of July and…

What I wore

Pink Pants

September 17, 2017
pink banana republic pants

Every time I wear these pants my daughter gets so excited. They are her FAVOURITE. I have to admit they are really fun. I mean it is hard to be in a bad mood when you are wearing pink pants. I have taken pictures of these pants that I haven’t posted. It was one of those outfits that I thought looked good until I looked at the photographs…

What I wore

Falls Calling

September 11, 2017
blanket cape

As I look out my window onto the forest behind us I see the leaves starting to change. Fall is coming and it is especially obvious first thing in the morning. This year my kids moved to a brand new school in our neighbourhood and because there are no safe walk ways they are on the bus. This blanket cape that I have had for a few years…

What I wore

Underwear Drawer Update

September 10, 2017
underwear drawer update

I feel like as women we spend so much time finding the perfect bra. One that is supportive and flattering. And it is a full time job because over time the whole support thing starts to degrade. But our underwear don’t get as much attention. Especially the every day stuff. I am guilty of just buying the cheap cotton undies to get through life. The other week there…

What I wore

Everlane Day Heel Review

September 4, 2017
everlane day heel review

After returning a few pairs of Everlane shoes (including these), I had some credit to use up. Of course it was burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I decided to see what the fuss was all about for one of Everlane’s most popular shoes right now. This is my Everlane Day Heel Review.  Everlane Day Heel Review The Day Heel is described as a heel that you…

What I wore

End of Summer Style

August 31, 2017
paper bag waist pants

I took these outfit photos last week or so before it got really chilly in the mornings. This is my end of summer style. The pants I posted a few weeks ago when I first got them. They are a lovely summer pant. So relaxed and great if it is hot outside but you still want to wear trousers. I paired a top from Loft (last years collection)…

What I wore

Cool Transition Mornings

August 27, 2017
stripe blanket scarf

This morning I wore a blanket scarf and I wasn’t even hot. Mornings have been in the single digits lately and it is a crisp reminder that fall is coming. In fact I have caught myself googling is fall coming early this year since we didn’t have much of a summer at all this year. The verdict is that September is supposed to be above average? I wonder…

What I wore

Professional Style; Stripe Trousers

August 20, 2017
stripe trousers

I don’t know if it is just me but I feel like Banana Republic is getting back to what it does best. I have had plenty of success in the last year with finding casual tops and dress pants for work. The last time I remember shopping there so much was about back in 2007 when I was working an office job in Toronto. I ordered three different…

What I wore

Everlane Bridge Sandal Review

August 16, 2017
everlane bridge sandal review

This past month I ordered a few different things from Everlane I was looking to try. Unlike my last few reviews which were complimentary items sent from Everlane these were items I ordered myself. One of the sandal launches I was really into this year was the Bridge Sandal because its classic look. This is my Everlane Bridge Sandal Review. Everlane Bridge Sandal Review I was really excited…

What I wore

Cool Summer Mornings

August 14, 2017
grey gibson twist front top

This summer has been one of those summers. Cooler and not too many of those 30 + degree days. Which means I can easily throw on jeans and not feel sweltering. Or wear a sweater in the mornings. I put on this twist front sweater that I love so much I now have it in two colours and paired it with white jeans to look more summery. The…