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What I wore

Teddy Coat Style

November 16, 2017
teddy coat style

I have succumbed to the teddy coat trend. And to be honest anything that keeps me warm and cozy is a good trend in my books. Really the teddy coat is a different way to wear fleece. Still I prefer this coat style that to a more sporty traditional looking fleece pullover. When I first tried on this teddy coat I thought that this is going to be…

What I wore

Must have Faux Fur Scarf

November 13, 2017
fold over fur scarf

You know when you see something and you have to have it. Not the oh I like it but then you think about it for a while or a month. That overwhelming urge to just snap it up because it just looks so cool? I used to have that feeling all the time shopping but lately I have been bored with most of what ends up at the…

Christmas What I wore

Red and Black and Plaid

November 7, 2017
red black plaid Christmas outfit

Sometimes all it takes is one item to pull an outfit together. Red and black is something that seems like a bit of a no brainer. But I never really put it together this way before. I always thought I should use a scarf with less red first of all. But I actually like how this turned out. Ever since I got these black velvet pants I wanted…

Christmas What I wore

Get into the Spirit

November 4, 2017
red sweater Christmas outfit

We are one week into November and I have succumbed to all things Christmas. I played some Christmas tunes at work on Friday and quickly tore down all my Halloween decorations. Except for my doormat. I need to figure that out ASAP. I was thinking about this and this as a combo. There is much debate in Canada the last few years about Christmas creep and how it…

What I wore

Touch of Camo

October 30, 2017
zara camo scarf

Zara has been killing it lately with their winter collections. I have been finding so many things that I have to restrict myself from buying the whole store. I bought this navy wrap coat before we went to Europe and even took it along. It was perfect for those 10 degree days where it isn’t super cold but you need a jacket. The camo scarf is also a…

What I wore

I have three pairs of these pants

October 25, 2017
old navy velvet pixie pants

The title says it all. I now have the pants in this post in three different colours. I am not sure if it is because I am getting older or what but I have just decided that multiples are  a must when something is this good. I bought the burgundy pair in this post last year. The more I wore these pants the more I wished I had…

What I wore

Everlane Day Flat Review

October 23, 2017
everlane day flat review

After trying out the Day Heel I knew I was going to want to also try out the Everlane Day Flat. I wear flats more than heels. In fact at this point I buy heels more out of obligation as opposed to something I really want to wear. Flats on the other hand, especially cute flats get so much more wear because they are practical for my life.…

What I wore

Parka Life

October 22, 2017
faux fur lined parka

Life Lately You may have noticed I have been a bit MIA from this space for the past few weeks. I had a birthday which I share with my son. He turned 6 and I turned 39. It was kind of a whirlwind weekend getting ready for our party and having people over. A week later my husband and I were on a plane for a 10 day…

What I wore

Lime, Navy and a Birthday

October 1, 2017
lime free people scarf

Today is my 39th birthday. My last year of my thirties is upon me and I am ok with that. I don’t sense and impending doom or fear of getting older that comes with turning 40. Ultimately that creeps up on you more that coming with one specific birthday. I am not as flexible as I once was and defintely not as slim. Age is starting to show…

What I wore

Everlane Denim Review

September 25, 2017
everlane denim

Everlane just launched their line of denim and I made sure to snatch up a pair right away. For women they released a mid rise and a high rise skinny style as well as a modern boyfriend fit jean. It took Everlane 6 years to find the right factory to work with (theirs recycles 98% of the water they use) as well as to time the denim market…