#thewaywewear Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2014

While I may not be down with the actual concept behind Valentine’s Day (why can’t we lavish love on eachother EVERY day?), I feel it is a fun time to play with colour and dress unabashedly feminine. Alot of emphasis gets put on fancy jewels or racy undergarments when it comes to this day of love, but for me it is all about the red, white and pink.…


Coming Soon; #thewaywewear Valentine’s Day

January 31, 2014

Whether you are single or married, love it or HATE it, Valentine’s Day is drawing near. It is that day when we celebrate love. For me it has always been more than just romantic love, but that unconditional love of friends and family too. Getting dressed for Valentine’s can be about seduction or just playing dress up in colours and prints you might not usually pair except for…


#thewaywewear Transition Season Style

September 30, 2013

outfit 1/2/3 #thewaywewear is BAAACCCK! This time with Transition Season Style. It is the weather I wait all summer for only to be confused by it daily as dressing for the morning is totally different than dressing for the noon hour. One can be frigid enough for tights and boots, the other is summer coming back to laugh at those of us actually dressed in tights and boots.…


Share your Look; #thewaywewear Shorts

July 22, 2013

I have a love hate relationship with shorts. I love how they look on other people and generally have hated them on myself. But they are super practical for those of us who are more used to wearing pants than dresses through the cooler months. Two things have happened this summer. I embraced the dress wholeheartedly and when it came to shorts I stopped giving up when “my…


#thewaywewear; Get ready to share your SHORTS!

July 19, 2013

Announcing the next #thewaywewear. This time I thought we could share how to style shorts as I find they can be difficult to look tasteful. But since we are experiencing a heat wave right now it makes perfect sense to style some hot weather clothing. Come back Monday and share how you are styling SHORTS! Need some inspiration? Check out the new pinterest board dedicated to shorts looks…

#thewaywewear What I wore

How I Wear; White Flares

June 26, 2013

Sometime last year I found this pin and immediately searched for the perfect white flare jean. I didn’t have to look too far as GAP had this long & lean pair,in petite which seems like a bit of an oxymoron but hey they work! It might seem cliche or too easy for a style blogger to post a light denim & white denim look but there is a…


#thewaywewear White Jeans

June 24, 2013

Ok so #thewaywewear is BACK! And this month we are all sharing how we are styling white jeans. I am actually thinking this is one I would love to do again when the weather is cooler and get winter looks collected as well because so many of my pinterest inspiration was of skinny white denim with boots and coat layers. Still white jeans are quintessentially summer jeans. pictures…

#thewaywewear What I wore

White Jeans and Camo Print

June 24, 2013

As a mom I probably don’t wear white jeans are much as I should. I shy away from them because they show the dirt, gooey finger prints and more dirt. But realistically the beauty of white is that you can bleach any subborn stains away. I grabbed these boyfriend style trashed white jeans on sale via Shopbop and they are perfectly slouchy. If I wanted a skinnier fit…

#thewaywewear what I want

Finding the Perfect White Jeans

June 19, 2013

In honour of the next #thewaywewear I thought I would do a post on some of what I see as the best white jeans on the market right now. I said there were two perfect styles when it comes to white jeans in my last post; flare and skinny. Really there are three. The third is a destroyed relaxed skinny or slim straight leg white jean. Shop the…