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what I want

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks

July 14, 2017
nordstrom anniversary sale kids picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary is special because it offers new fall merchandise at sale prices in July. It also means it is a great time to shop Back to School deals. Kids might be enjoying their summer holidays but lets face it there is less than two months before the whole school routine starts again. These are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Picks Floral…

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Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks

July 13, 2017
nordstrom sale 2017 picks

The Nordstrom Sale is live today for those of you in the USA with Nordstrom Cards. Unfortunately Canadians don’t get early access online even though we do have a Nordstrom branded card. Still browsing the sale now will give us an idea of what to shop for once the sale is live in Canadian stores. These are my Nordstrom Sale 2017 picks. Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks WRAP COATS…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Canada

June 28, 2017
nordstrom anniversary sale canada

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 is fast approaching. In fact in just 21 days Early Access begins for your shopping pleasure. Last year was the first year that Canadians could shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale north of the border but we weren’t able to benefit from Early Access shopping. This year all that has changed. This is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Canada. I am sure if you follow…

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Silk Scarf Outfit

June 11, 2017
silk scarf outfit

Lately I have been in awe of the girls who can pull off a silk scarf outfit. The ones who look elegant and chic. Not like an old lady who has a formula. They take modern outfits and tie the silk scarf elevating their look from every day to something I want to copy asap. The problem is most of my silk scarves are too small to tie…

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Basket Bag Trend

June 4, 2017
basket bag trend

If there is an it bag for the summer of 2017 it is the basket bag. And there is not even one style that seems to dominate as style stars are switching between baskets and market bags and small roundies with ease. This round up is all about the basket bag trend. Basket Bag Trend: Medium Market Basket- Leather Handles -Oval Basket-Handmade-Palm –Β Loving the shape of this oval…

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The Best Canada Day T-Shirts

May 17, 2017
the best canada day t-shirts

This year Canada is celebrating a major milestone birthday. She is turning 150. Fairly young in terms of a country but still it is a big birthday! While I might not be one to wear a Canada Day T-Shirt myself, more prone to wear a mixture of red and white I always make sure my kids have a full stack on hand for the many events at school.…

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Gucci Loafer look a likes

May 10, 2017
gucci loafer look a likes

One shoe I see popping up in my feed more than any others is the Gucci Horsebit loafer. It is sleek and modern looking and super luxurious. But there is a hefty price tag associated with those insta worthy shoes. There are some fantastic affordable Gucci Loafer Look a Likes below.…

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Spring Rain Outfit

May 5, 2017
spring rain outfit

It has been raining for days. As they predict flooding in different parts of Eastern Canada most of us are just trying to stay dry. I feel lucky that in picked up some really good rain wear in the past year which makes surviving rainy days that much easier. These are the essentials for perfecting the spring rain outfit.…