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Meghan Markle Style

December 13, 2017

I have never been one to closely follow the Royals. I wasn’t too phased when Kate and William tied the knot. Canadians are a bit more into the whole Royal Family due to our country’s closeness but I grew up in a time when their influence over this country was greatly diminished. My Grandma still loves to follow the goings on but I think in general my generation is more easy going about the British Royal Family. Meghan Markle on the other hand is someone I have followed because of being a fan of Suits and because she is often photographed (or rather was) in Toronto, my former city. She is someone I easily could have seen at an event in the Tdot and I love her accessibly style. Her style is feminine a bit preppy and minimal and she loves her Canadian designers. This is my guide to Meghan Markle Style.

meghan markle style

Meghan Markle Style

  1. Wrap Coats – if there is one thing that Meghan Markle has going for her from her years in Toronto is a closet full of killer winter coats. One style she seems to favour and even wore for the engagement announcement, is a wrap coat.  The coats above vary in prince points so you can get Meghan Markle’s style for less. The purpley hue coat is actually from the same brand she wore to her engagement Canadian Line the Label. She also can wear a parka and make it look seriously chic. Click for each option > 1. Wide lapel wrap coat//2. Line Mara Wool Wrap Coat//3. The Savannah wrap coat //4. Wool blend wrap coat 
  2. Denim – one of the things I love about Meghan’s style is that it is relaxed. Kate comes off a bit too prim for my tastes and Rachel (Meghan’s alter ego from Suits) is always in work wear so seeing Meghan’s off duty style is refreshing. Now the pundits are saying that we might see much less denim from Meghan in the future due to the restrictions on what Royals wear but we do still see Kate in jeans (JBrand of course) so I am hoping we do still get lots of off duty style inspo from Meghan too. She tends to wear slim if not skinny styles. While she has been known to wear ripped denim there usually isn’t much in the way of embellishment. 1. Denim shirt//2. Blue skinny jeans// 3. Dark wash skinny jeans
  3. Turtlenecks – when I was researching this post I noticed that Meghan wears denim and turtlneck sweaters quite a bit. It is such a classic combination and truly a great option for the colder months in Canada. I am sure that this will carry over for the wetter months in London!
  4. Feminine pieces mixed with masculine pieces – So one thing that Meghan does is wear feminine pieces but at the same time makes sure the look isn’t too pretty. She will pair a flirty dress with a biker jacket or a pretty blouse with tailored trousers. This is in contrast to Kate’s English country style which is more one style as opposed to mixing in edgier pieces. 1. Floral print silk dress//2. Star tie silk blend blouse//3. Pointy toe heel//4. Biker jacket//5. Crop trousers
  5. Luxe accessories – part of the Meghan Markle look is the perfect accessory to finish the look. Round sunglasses, the perfect toque, and cute winter boots.

Meghan Markle style has been a regular on the circut of Canadian magazines and she has gained a new following since dating Prince Harry. I am looking forward to seeing how her style evolves as she lives in London as part of the Royal family.