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JCREW Nordic Boots Review

December 10, 2017

jcrew nordic boots review

JCREW Nordic Boots Review

I should have gotten this post up sooner as these boots are seriously hard to find right now. With all the sales going on through November people seem to have had the same idea as me, snap these up while you can! I have been suffering through the really cold days with boots that might work for warmer winters south of the border, but not for Canadian winters. The JCREW Nordic boots are a game changer.

jcrew nordic boots

Everyone loves UGGs right? They are so warm. But the classic boots don’t really hold up very well with the salt and slush. The JCREW Nordic boot takes what we all love about UGGS (the wool lining!) and remakes them in a hiking boot style. I love the red laces! They also come with neutral laces but I will be honest I will never switch out those red laces.

JCREW nordic boot review

The cuff can be turned up and turned down. As much as it looks cute turned down I have been wearing the cuff flipped up more than turned down because it adds extra warmth.

In comparison to my UGGs these JCREW Nordic boots do have a bit less wool lining. I found these less snug but it could also be due to the lace up style allows for a looser fit if you don’t tie the laces too tight.

I read some reviews that said to size up but I would disagree. Stick with your usual size. They will fit more snug the first time you wear them but as you wear them more and more the wool lining will smoosh down.

jcrew nordic boot review

So far these boots have been warm and toasty. The one drawback is that they don’t go up as high as some other winter boots (like my old sorels) so they might not be ideal in deep snow. But how often do I go walking through snowbanks? Not very. I think these are my ideal city boot that still keeps my feet warm and toasty.

Since the JCREW option is sold out I also like the look of this and this form UGG and this from Marc Fisher. These are the ones I almost ordered (I love the colour!)

Do you have a super warm pair of winter boots that can handle low winter temperatures?