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Must have Faux Fur Scarf

November 13, 2017

fold over fur scarf

You know when you see something and you have to have it. Not the oh I like it but then you think about it for a while or a month. That overwhelming urge to just snap it up because it just looks so cool?

I used to have that feeling all the time shopping but lately I have been bored with most of what ends up at the shops. I am not sure if it is because of the whole minimalistic style that seems to dominate the last few years. Or with all the bloggers wearing all the neutrals that make for pretty uniform instagram themes but ultimately are also kinda boring when it comes to self expression. There just haven’t been alot of really NEW must have styles lately. And since my wardrobe is pretty full I don’t feel the need to buy more of the same.

But when I saw this faux fur scarf (is it even a scarf?) at Zara I snapped it up immediately.

faux fur snap scarf

What I like about this scarf is that you can button it a number of different ways. And unlike a snood that doesn’t really keep you warm because they tend to be loose, this is snug and soft and toasty.

I will say that it doesn’t really work with a coat with an open neckline. It looks great with high neck sweaters or a coat that zips all the way up. I haven’t seen these anywhere other than Zara right now so I can’t give you options as to where to find on except go to your local Zara.

faux fur snap scarf

Outfit details: Scarf Zara (current season), cape Zara (old), hat JCREW, stripe top GAP (old), jeans Banana Republic, boots Everlane.

Have you found anything that you just had to have it was so amazing lately? Tell me about it in the comments!