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Everlane Day Flat Review

October 23, 2017

After trying out the Day Heel I knew I was going to want to also try out the Everlane Day Flat. I wear flats more than heels. In fact at this point I buy heels more out of obligation as opposed to something I really want to wear. Flats on the other hand, especially cute flats get so much more wear because they are practical for my life. Since I got the Day Heel in a neutral suede, I went the opposite route for the Day Flat; red leather. This is my Everlane Day Flat Review.

everlane day flat review

Everlane Day Flat Review:

I haven’t worn a pair of ballet flats for quite some time. Most styles do not fit my feet well, especially since I have a small bunion on my right foot. Even with other flats I have to pay attention to where they cut across the foot. I prefer to have my large toe bone enclosed by the shoe or completely open. If the shoe cuts across this bone I know I will be suffering.

If you see the pictures above and below you can see that the Everlane Day Flat completely encloses the toes. There is no toe cleavage and also no pulling across the widest part of my foot.

The back of the shoe has the elastic just like the Day Heel. I sized down from my usual Everlane size because I found the elastic back a bit sloppy in my Day Heels. Sloppy feels like a bad descriptor because the shoes are not falling off but they weren’t a snug fit either.

I went down a half size to an 8 but I feel like I should have stuck with my regular Everlane size. The half size smaller fits but there will be a break in period. I really notice this when it is hot out or after I have been wearing the shoes all day and my feet are swollen. Still the elastic backing is snug this time around.

Keep this in mind when you are purchasing, your regular size will have some break in time, half a size up will be more comfortable out of the box but less snug at the back. Everlane suggests that these shoes are true to size, I would argue that if you have a wider foot stick with your usual Everlane size (half size up from your usual size).

everlane day flat review

Obviously there are many similarities between the Day Flat and the Day Heel. Overall the shape and fit is the same. I do feel that the Day Flat looks a bit longer and less rounded than the Day Heel. The major difference between the two is the rubberized sole on the Day Flat which is super comfortable and great for foot flexibility.

I am amazed at how long and sleek my feet look in these shoes which is not how my feet usually look at all so that speaks to the design of these shoes. Just gorgeous.

Overall these shoes are another hit for Everlane. The leather is buttery soft and the shade of red is amazing. These shoes will mold to your foot so after a break in period you will have something that will feel like a custom shoe.

What do you think of the Everlane Day Flat?