Lug Travel Bags Review

August 23, 2017

I stumbled upon the Lug travel bags a few years ago. I bought the Lug Cartwheel bag for my husband so that he had a decent carry on bag. Turns out Oprah recommended the same bag as part of her favourite things. It also helped that one of the founders is Canadian. I have since picked up a few more bags so that everyone in our family has an adequate bag for weekend trips and further travel alike. This is my Lug Travel Bags Review. lug travel bags review

Lug Travel Bags Review:

There are a few things that are consistent across all of the Lug Travel Bags that we have. Loads of pockets. Special spot for your shoes. Special vented compartment for laundry and a trolley strap.

I have chosen colours that are more classic but you can also pick up all the lug bags in vibrant hues that other travel companies are just getting into.

The bags are easy to carry with either cross body straps or long shoulder straps. The fabrics are wipeable; easy to keep clean. Each style has it’s own set of pros and cons.

lug travel bags review

Lug Travel Bags Review; Lug Boxer Overnight bag

This bag is marketed as a gym or overnight bag. But I sent my daughter with this bag for a week at the cottage and was able to stuff in more than enough outfits. There are 5 outer pockets which are great for keeping things organized. The ventilated compartment is marketed for shoes but I like to use it for laundry to keep it separate from the residual clean clothes.

The Lug Boxer bag has RFID fabric meaning that your identity is safe when you keep your wallet in this bag. No one can scan for your credit card details.

I love the padding on this bag, the amount of pockets. I like the pop of neon and how the top zipper curves. The cross body strap makes up for the fact that the top handles are a bit too short for my taste. The Lug Boxer is ideal for Personal Item Packing.

lug travel bags review

Lug Travel Bags Review; Lug Cartwheel Overnight bag

This is the bag that started it all and it is still my favourite. In fact my husband was a bit miffed when I was using HIS bag the other weekend.

This bag doesn’t have as many pockets on the outside for organization. You can tell it was developed for fitness more than travel. The shoe pockets and a place for your yoga mat and your water bottle. Still all these compartments can serve a different purpose when travelling.

It still has enough room for clothes for the weekend. I prefer the longer top handles to the cross body and there is also a luggage strap to use before you check your bags. We also know from experience that it stows under the seat perfectly having flown with it as our personal item a few times now.

This bag is slightly smaller than the boxer bag.

I am not sure that I have made a compelling argument as to why I like the catwheel better than the Boxer bag. I think it is just the overall look that I prefer.

lug travel bags review

Lug Travel Bags Review; Lug Airbus Weekender:

Ok you are going to get sick of me mentioning the pockets! This one has seven external pockets not including the shoe/laundry compartment. I really like the small zippered pocket at the top. It is great for storing small items like jewelry or a phone that you don’t want to lose track of.

I had more than enough room to over pack for a long weekend with this bag. In fact I would use this as a carry on and have no problem storing it under my seat (I have done the same with this bag before which is longer) but I feel like it is over kill. It is a larger version of the Boxer bag above and unless you are just carrying on I would go with one of the other two options for plane travel. If you are going on a road trip the Airbus is perfect.

I do feel like it is a bit heavier than the Everlane bag but it has so many more pockets and ways to stay organized that I will overlook the fact that other bags might be sleeker.

What do you think of the Lug Travel Bags Review? Have you got any Lug bags?