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Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks

July 13, 2017

The Nordstrom Sale is live today for those of you in the USA with Nordstrom Cards. Unfortunately Canadians don’t get early access online even though we do have a Nordstrom branded card. Still browsing the sale now will give us an idea of what to shop for once the sale is live in Canadian stores. These are my Nordstrom Sale 2017 picks.

nordstrom sale 2017 picks

Nordstrom Sale 2017 Picks


  1. Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat – One of the best parts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is new fall items ON SALE. These wrap coats are elegant and warm.
  2. Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat – One of my most worn coats last year was my camel coloured wrap coat. This is a classic must have.
  3. Double Face Wool & Cashmere Coat – Love the two tone colour combination of this coat!
  4. Marla Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat – I was surprised by the lack of colour in the sale this year. Most of what is on sale is neutrals. This pale blue is gorgeous.
  5. Tahari ‘Ella’ Belted Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat – similar to the first pic but a bit shorter.


  1. ‘Teddy Bear’ Notch Collar Faux Fur Coat – If you are looking for a fun coat this is it.
  2. Suede Moto Jacket – I can vouch for this jacket. It is fantastic. If you buy one thing, let this be it.
  3. Macey Velvet Tuxedo Jacket – This jacket would be amazing for the Holiday season. Wear it for New Years, Christmas and everything else you have got going on.
  4. Ripped Denim Jacket – This jacket is a total knock off of one by Acne a few seasons ago. Still it looks cool so I am in.
  5. Collection Stand Collar Leather Jacket – you can’t got wrong with a fantastic leather jacket. The quilting on this one makes it extra cool. 


  1. Wool & Cashmere Poncho – I love the drama of a poncho. It is a great layer for fall or heck all through the colder months. Pair it with some slim trousers.
  2. Asymmetrical Merino Wool Pullover – I found a few of these asymmetrical sweaters in the Anniversary sale. They add a cool girl vibe. Totally scoop one up.
  3. Halogen Scallop Edge Sweater – this sweater comes in a wide range of colours. It is probably the most colourful item in the whole sale. This red would be fantastic through the holiday season.
  4. Chill Pill Cardigan – This is my chic running errands must have. Walk the dog, pick up the kids, hang out at the rink kinda sweater.
  5. STRIPE COLORBLOCK CARDIGAN – This sweater has a cool varsity vibe. Kind liking it but I would probably grab one of the asymmetrical sweaters first.

Other Picks

  1. IRVING STRETCH WOOL PANTS – I am all about a great pair of pants for work. Wool is even better to make it through the winter.
  2. Chenille Lattice Comforter – Like me you might automatically think about clothing when it comes to Nordstrom but there are some great bedding and home items in the sale too. I want this comforter for my home!
  3. Merton Bootie – I can’t possible pick my top items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale without talking about boots! Love the wrap detail on this boot and it comes in many colours including black.
  4. Corbin Genuine Calf Hair Slide Loafer – I saw these in the catalog and I was smitten. And this is something you could totally wear right now.
  5. Notazzie Bootie – If I had to pick just one thing for myself from the sale I might just pick these boots. The colour and shape is beautiful.

Ok so a couple of impressions of the sale. I was really looking for something stand out and covetable but mostly just basics at different price points. Also as I noted before the colour choices are pretty neutral except for a few exceptions.

The biggest issue I have with the Nordstrom Sale is the fact that Canadaians don’t seem to have early access online. Yes we get early access in store but after the sale has been on for 5 days in the USA. WTF why? This just is another way US chains piss off CAnadian shoppers. Why on earth can you not just do the sale the same for us. Why? Seriously. I am uncertain why I bothered getting my Nordstrom credit card because I don’t live in a city that Nordstrom is set up.

Just an FYI Canada is more than just Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Our courntry is huge so wouldn’t it be an easy fix to just offer the early access online to those that have the card? Instead you essentially tell everyone else in the coutry that if you don’t live in these certain cities we don’t want your business. I expected better from Nordstrom since they claim to be a customer centric company.

The foreign companies that are doing online and Canadian retail right are those that offer free shipping promos and have the same sales as everywhere else. Zara, Gap, even Amazon has Prime Day in Canada and it is not half the day or something silly. US retailers wonder why they can not seem to crack the Canadian market well it is for reasons like this; treat us like you would your US customers and stop providing a different online experience and we will all be happier.

Are you shopping the Nordstrom Sale this year? What are you picking up?

  • Courtney Kramer
    July 14, 2017 at 1:42 am

    YES! To your last point about US retailers. I mean it’s not that hard to cater to Canadians… It’s so unfortunate that online shopping is substantially better in the States.

    • jane@chiceverywhere.com
      July 14, 2017 at 6:14 am

      I really notice it when it comes to sales in Canada. They are NEVER as good. Or they are offered only in store. Loft and Ann Taylor are bad for doing that but apparently now so is Nordstrom. It is fine if you live in Toronto or Vancouver where these retailers have stores but if you are in a mid sized city an hour or two away you are supposed to drive in? Why not just make online shopping as easy as in the US and open yourself up to ALL of Canada as customers?