What to pack for the Dominican Republic

July 4, 2017

You are probably thinking, “Jane didn’t you just tell us you stick around Ontario in the Summer?” and I would tell you yes I do. But it is also summer sale season so you need to stock up now for any fall or winter vacations you might be planning so you can find all the summer outfits you want to pack. My husband and I are thinking about going to the Dominican Republic for an affordable all inclusive vacation this fall. After hurricane season of course and I know come late October or November there isn’t going to be any beachy boho dresses or swimsuits when I want them. This is What to Pack for the Dominican Republic.

what to pack for the dominican republic

What to pack for the Dominican Republic

  1. Cotton Maxi Dress – I find dresses the easiest thing to pack when heading off on an all inclusive Dominican vacation. This one has a casual beachy feel making it perfect for dinners.
  2. Marysia™ Antibes one-piece swimsuit – when I am going away on a beach vacation I pack all the bathing suits.
  3. Bandeau bikini top and bottom – if you have never been to the Caribbean you might not know that everyone and I mean anyone wears a bikini. Even if you have never worn one just pack one.
  4. Amour Moderne Tee – even if you plan on wearing dresses all week to dinner packing some tees to wear during the day, with skirts and shorts.
  5. Pleated Skirt – I am loving the polka dots and pleats on this skit. Pairing it with a tee instead of a blouse keeps everything low key and vacation-y.
  6. Slipper Espadrilles – is there anything more summery than an espadrille? I love these slides as they are easy on and off for beach days.
  7. Nike Internationalist – packing sneakers is a must for days you are sightseeing or on an excursion. They are a great for travel days as well so pick a cool pair to wear on the plane.
  8. Cotton And Linen Blend Frill Top – when you are packing for the Dominican assume that you are going to be going out every night. I love getting ready for dinner every night on vacation. I love having an excuse to dress up.
  9. Shoreline Pull-On Trousers – I love the idea of having beach worthy fancy trousers. These are a fantastic alternative to dresses for dinner.
  10. Toquilla straw Panama hat – when you are travelling somewhere sunny and hot like the Dominican you need a hat. Not just to look cute but to keep from getting heat stroke. I never travel without a hat. This is how to pack a hat.
  11. Vintage cotton – vacation tee for a vacation? I love it. I usually pack 3- 5 t-shirts for a vacation to somewhere like the Dominican. This allows me to have shirts for excursions or just for travelling home again. It really depends on your style for dinner and what you plan to do during the day. If you sit on the beach every day pack fewer tees and more bathing suits.
  12. Camino High-Rise Shorts – I always pack at least one pair of shorts for days I might be sightseeing or doing sports. Again to pack the right amount of shorts you need to know what you like to do on vacation.
  13. The Pointed Slide – This slide would go with every outfit posted here. That is the type of shoe you want to pack. Something that is elegant and versatile.
  14. Embroidery linen dress – this dress just screams vacation. And it is the perfect style to wear one night to dinner and another day over your bathing suit.
  15. Telti Jerru Tote – a chic beach tote is a must. Just make sure it is large enough to carry your books, water and towels; everything you need for a great beach day.

Things not included above that you will need to pack for your trip to the Dominican are sunglasses, sunscreen, earrings like these. I even pack my own towels so that our lounges stand out from the crowd. What would you put on your what to pack for the Dominican Republic packing list?