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Figue Sandals Review

June 26, 2017

I picked up a pair of Figue Tassel Sandals on one of the Shopbop sales. It was well before the summer sandal season started but I thought we might go somewhere warm on vacation so it was a good time to stock up. We didn’t end up going any where warm (we went to Quebec instead) but these sandals are on high rotation now that that the summer has started. This is my Figue Sandals Review.

figue sandals review

Figue Sandals Review:

The sandals I chose are called the Figue Sacramouche sandals. Figue is known for bohemian dresses and accessories and these sandals are no exception. The Saramouche sandals come in leather or suede and are known for their tassels. There are a number of other Figue sandal styles. Like the evil eye sandal and the pom pom styles. However the basic sandal without any embellishment is essentially the same. The braided toe ring and wide band.

What drew me to these sandals were the bright colours and the boho embellishments. You basically had me a tassels. But on top of all that awesomeness is the fact that these sandals are seriously wide feet friendly.

I usually rave about how leather shoes are forgiving and will mold to your foot over time. These sandals don’t even need time. The band across the foot is not too tight nor does it cut across a part of the foot that is constricting. Sometimes with strapy sandals one strap can cut across a part of the foot and rubs in such a way that it never seems to break in properly. The Figue Sacramouche is comfortable right out of the box. I have even gone for longish walks with these sandals and they were still comfortable.

The only drawback I would give these is that there is no real support. They are just a flat leather sandal. I also have to watch myself as they are suede so not good with water. A few times I have cursed myself for putting them on before watering the garden quickly before doing the school run.

figue sandals review

What I love about these sandals is that they are a statement piece that doesn’t try too hard. I have had compliments on these shoes from everyone and they are a great flat sandal to wear with dresses.

I bought my Figue Sacramouche sandals via Shopbop but I have found them on JCREW and Club Monaco’s website in addition to other designer retailers. Some styles are on sale!

What do you think of the Figue Sandals Review? Are these sandals you want to give a try? If I was to get another pair I would totally grab and evil eye pair!