What to Pack for Quebec City

June 22, 2017

Last month we took a road trip to Quebec City. It was magical walking through the historical city. The weather was a bit all over the place though. One day it was cool and rainy the next was HOT. The key to packing for Quebec City is layers and options. You could say this is true for all of Canada. With our four seasons you really need to pack for the season and make sure you remember to be flexible. This is What to Pack for Quebec City.  what to pack for Quebec City

What to Pack for Quebec City

Obviously you do not need a parka in July or shorts in December but that is exactly what I want to highlight. You need to pack for when you are going. There is not a one list fits all packing scenarios.

  1. JCREW Chateau Parka – If you are heading to Quebec City in the winter you want to pack a proper coat. I would say anywhere from November to March a wool coat or puffer is a must have layer to insulate from the cold. Do not forget accessories like a big scarf, hat and mittens. There is so much to walk around and see you want to be dressed for the weather.
  2. Drop-stripe tissue turtleneck – Light long sleeves are something you should definitely pack for Quebec. I wore them in May under a light jacket. A top like this would work for 3 seasons.
  3. Mid-rise Straight-leg Jeans – Black – Jeans are a no brainer. I pack them for wherever I go even in the summer. When it is hot during the day they work for an evening out. I like black jeans as they are somehow both cool and add a bit of polish at the same time.
  4. ‘Jensen’ Pointy Toe Bootie – Pack a stylish but comfortable pair of shoes because you will be walking. I have a pair of boots like these and they are both those things. But Suede does not work for rainy days nor snow so make sure to get something that will work for the weather you are walking through.
  5. TIPPI SWEATER – A light sweater like this one is perfect for all seasons. Layer it up in the colder months while carrying it just in case in the warmer months. A classic colour like camel, black or grey will go with everything you pack.
  6. FRAME – Le High Cropped Skinny Jeans – Jeans again I know! But it makes sense to have one blue pair and one black to rotate through outfits.
  7. Joules Women’s Haven Waterproof Hooded Jacket – The first day we toured around Quebec City it was cool and drizzley. I was so glad I packed our rain coats! We were able to sit on the top level of the double decker bus because we were prepared even though it was wet.
  8. ‘Tour’ Packable Rain Boot – no one wants to think about rain on their vacation. But the truth is it happens. If you are planning to visit Quebec City for the spring or fall consider packing a pair of light rain boots. Especially if you are driving. Just through them in the car.
  9. Nylon Knot Large Backpack  – I carried a large crossbody bag when we were in Quebec City. It worked but I would have been more comfortable with a backpack. This one is more stylish that your average back pack!
  10. The Pointed Slide – I have talked about shoes for the colder, wetter months. But summer months sandals and slides are key. They easily go with dresses and shorts. I would still pair a pack of running shoes for serious sight seeing days.
  11. Isadora Broderie Skirt – warmer months means you might not want to wear jeans or trousers. Skirts are a great way to stay stylish but manage the heat too. I like to wear these to keep from having any chafe after a full day of walking.
  12. Vintage cotton Tee – I packed enough tees for each day we were in Quebec City. They can be worn with skirts with jeans, layered under sweaters. Basically they are a no brainer.
  13. Tie-waist short in chambray – For the heat of the summer packing a pair of cute shorts makes sense so that you can sight see without sweltering.

I hope that you have some ideas on what to pack for Quebec City. In the winter make sure to pack warm layers. In the summer pack lighter ones! Canada’s weather is changeable so be ready for anything!

With all of my packing guides I recommend at least two pairs of pants (shorts for summer months) that you can easily interchange with outfits. Pack enough T-shirts for one week (sub in long sleeves for winter) and at least two sweaters for layering. Pack a maximum of 3 pairs of shoes. Running shoes, a dressier shoe and boots to suit the weather. I got away with just running shoes when we went but with kids we weren’t eating out at fancy places.

What is on your packing for Quebec list?