The Best Canada Day T-Shirts

May 17, 2017

This year Canada is celebrating a major milestone birthday. She is turning 150. Fairly young in terms of a country but still it is a big birthday! While I might not be one to wear a Canada Day T-Shirt myself, more prone to wear a mixture of red and white I always make sure my kids have a full stack on hand for the many events at school. Plus July 1st is a must to wear your Canadian pride loud and proud. So many Canada Day T-shirts are novelty crap. This is where to find the Best Canada Day T-Shirts.

the best canada day t-shirts

The Best Canada Day T-Shirts

  1. Cooper Canada Kanga Hoody – Roots is the historical favourite when it comes to Canadiana gear. But it is fairly pricey; for good reason though the Canada 150 collection is made right here at home in Canada.
  2. Blazon Tee – Basically you are wearing the flag on your torso but somehow this version works.
  3. PEACE COLLECTIVE Home is Canada Sweatshirt – Peace collective became popular with their Toronto vs Everybody tees but I like this one too. Home is Canada. Has a nice ring to it.
  4. CANADIAN OLYMPIC TEAM COLLECTION Womens Canada Pullover Hoodie – This sweatshirt is pretty basic but I like the contrast red of the hood.
  5. CANADIAN OLYMPIC TEAM COLLECTION Womens Canada Wordmark T-Shirt – another option from The Bay, which became the new defacto Canadiana source. Which considering the Hudsons Bay Blankets are a long time source of Canadiana is fitting. Since The Bay won the Canadian Olympic clothing contract from Roots there is always more Canadian apparel to find.
  6. Canadian Olympic Team Collection T-shirt – I really like the simplicity of this tee. Just white with the red maple leaf.
  7. Spyder Canada T-Shirt – Another simple but clean and classic option.
  8. Canada Maple Leaf Flag Emblem – probably my favourite t-shirt in this round up and not even found at one of my top 3 places to find Canada Day T-shirts.
  9. Canadian Olympic Team Collection T-shirt – Probably the least original of the t-shirts in this round up but it works all the same.
  10. Canadian Olympic Team Collection – I am loving the contrast of the black and red on this t-shirt.
  11. Joe Fresh Toddler Girls’ Canada Active Hoodie – Joe Fresh is my go to when it comes to Canada Day apparel for my kids. The price point is more affordable than Roots or The Bay and they do Canadiana well.
  12. Joe Fresh Canada 150 Tee – I am not a huge fan of the Canada 150 Maple Leaf but I do like the idea of getting something to commemorate this historic year.
  13. Joe Fresh Kid Boys’ Canada Crew New Top – I ordered this tee for my son; just waiting for it to arrive.
  14. Joe Fresh Kid Boys’ Canada Active Jogger – The navy doesn’t scream CANADA the same way the red and white does but I kindof like that. Makes them more wearable all year long.
  15. Joe Fresh Toddler Boys’ Canada Hat – I will admit to trying to pick up this hat for my kids this weekend. No luck finding it in store yet but that means I will probably just pick it up online.

IF it wasn’t obvious from the list my top 3 spots to find the Best Canada Day T-Shirts are Roots, The Bay and Joe Fresh. And not just t-shirts but hoodies and hats and other Canadiana apparel. Wear your Canada where they can see it.