Neutral Spring

May 12, 2017

camel wool vest

We have been having a chilly start to May. So cold in the mornings in fact that I have been dressing more similarly to winter than what I would wear for Spring. This outfit is from a work day this week.

neutral sleeveless coat

everlane heel boot

spring neutrals

We have been doing all the things that you usually do in the spring lately. Like getting our gardens in order and reseeding the lawn. Thankfully by the time late afternoon rolls around when we are trying to get all this done it has warmed up a bit. The kids were surprisingly helpful with the shoveling and hauling of garden soil and mulch. Of course until they weren’t. Then it was slow going managing to get the work down and tell them to stay out of the mud, don’t put the mulch there and so on.

Outfit details: Sleeveless coat Asos (0ld but this is similar), Black sweater Everlane (my Everlane Cashmere review ), trousers Banana Republic , boots Everlane (Everlane Heel Boot Review), Scarf Theodora & Callum, bag Opelle.

Next week is supposed to warm up. I can’t wait to shed some layers!