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Spring Rain Outfit

May 5, 2017

It has been raining for days. As they predict flooding in different parts of Eastern Canada most of us are just trying to stay dry. I feel lucky that in picked up some really good rain wear in the past year which makes surviving rainy days that much easier. These are the essentials for perfecting the spring rain outfit.

spring rain outfit

Shop the Spring Rain Outfit:

  1. Joules Women’s Haven Waterproof Hooded Jacket, Amelie Navy Stripe – I have a similar jacket from Joules and it is my go to when it is raining. I decided that having a hooded jacket is a must to survive the rain, especially to have some semblance of good hair when I get to work in the morning!
  2. Rain Coat with Hood – Light blue – I also picked up this rain coat. Unlike the Joules coat which is a waxed cotton this is more of a traditionally plasticy rain coat. It is also much longer so good for completely covering up. The hood is not as deep however.
  3. Laundry By Shelli Segal Navy Blue Wax Rain Coat – I thought this coat would keep you looking chic in the rain with the waxy look and cinching waist.
  4. ‘Tour’ Packable Rain Boot – a good rain boot is a must when you are waiting in the rain to pick up your kids form school. Wet feet equal cold feet so I am all about the appropriate footwear.
  5. Joe Fresh Rain Boot – I have these as the shortie boot is easy to pull on and off and they are crazy affordable.
  6. Joules Printed Wellies – stripe lovers rejoice – you can even get your stripe fix in boot form.
  7. Mackage Green Cosima Rain Coat – This is the most high end rain jacket on this list and it ticks all my boxes. Longer to cover the bum, hood and sleek look.
  8. Birdcage Umbrella – Since using rain coats with hoods I find less immediate need of an umbrella. Still this style is my go to. Not only can you see where you are going and pull it right down over your head but it protects better than a traditional umbrella.
  9. Hunter Boots Original Tour Short Boots – If you are like me and don’t have long skinny calves these shorter style rain boots are a godsend.
  10. Festival Raincoat – This raincoat is a bit see through so your outfit underneath better be on point.

How do you survive the rain? Do you dress for the weather or suffer and get wet?

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